TRUE: Word of the Year

Blogging flowersFor my 9th year of blogging, I’ve picked the word TRUE.

After blogging for three years, I decided to pick a new word each year on April 29th. Below are words from previous blogging anniversaries.

So much of what I believed to be true about my life at one time isn’t any longer. In learning how to newly interact with someone, I’ve realized that sometimes what is true doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow to get along.

Embracing the new normal isn’t easy, but it’s what I’m working on. Sometimes it can bring unexpected bits of joy.

Searching for what is true and being true to ourselves is a life long journey. The word feels right.

The tree in the picture above is in full bloom right now. This picture from two weeks ago is the same tree. It had just the beginning of buds and was a shadow. Which is true?

When I was 9, I was so excited because I thought that turning 10 meant I would be a teenager. I was very disappointed to learn the truth.

Having blogged for nine years is nothing like that actually. But it’s a funny memory from that time in my life and I have been thinking a great deal about the past and what lies ahead.

MBTA Customer Appreciation Day: April 24th

MBTA customer appreciation dayFor all the heartache and pain that we suffered during the winter on the T, we will all get to ride for free tomorrow. It’s MBTA Customer Appreciation Day!

So, if you ever wanted to ride the entire MBTA system all day, tomorrow is the day to do it. A few more deals have been added in as well. There are 15% off discounts for May passes.

Also, you can show your Charlie Card at different Boston area retail locations for discounts. The 20% discount at New Balance looks like the best deal to me.

While I’m not sure that this one day and a few discounts makes up for the lack of reliable public transportation this winter. Nor do I really feel that there is enough appreciation of the customer. However, it’s something. But the T still needs a permanent fix.

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Photo Credit: Mass. DOT Blog

Recently Read: Delancey

Delancey book coverThe few times that I was able to get a seat on the T last week or when I had enough arm room while standing, I was reading Delancey.

This book made me realize that pizza has been sadly lacking from my diet as of late. Not only have I not eaten any, I haven’t made any from scratch in a while. The book has me considering both.

Delancey is the title of the book and the name of a Seattle restaurant. It’s owned by Molly Wizenburg, the creator of one of the first food blogs out there and her husband Brandon Pettit, who is the one who had the idea for the restaurant and is the force behind it.

The book is a quick read and quite enjoyable, especially if you’ve followed her blog. Two parts of the book especially struck me. The first one is how Wizenburg writes about the tension in most restaurants between the front of the house versus the back of the house.

She also mentions how after observing how a good friend’s restaurant, Boat Street, handled the situation, they decided to do the same at Delancey. It’s such a simple yet genius idea and was great to read how they put it into practice. See an excerpt below.

This tendency is rooted, I think, in industry-wide discrepancies between what cooks earn and what servers earn. Cooks work longer hours than servers, but almost without exception, they make less money. …

So we bought only one printer for Delancey, and it sits next to the bar. It’s not an ideal setup; when a server has an order for the pantry station, she must carefully escort it past the wood-burning oven, risking an accidental jabbing from the long handle of Brandon’s peel as he retrieves a pizza. … Whether by luck or by design, the system works, and the cooks and servers not only talk to one another but actually seem to like one another.

The second part was about a meal that she had at River Cafe in London. Her description of it went from thinking that the food didn’t look too wonderful and what was all the hubub about the place. To her experiencing the flavors bursting in her mouth level by level and literally making her cry with happiness and joy. I couldn’t believe it. The food was so good that it made her cry!

I’ve had some really good meals in my life, but I don’t recall ever crying over one. I would like to experience that degree of culinary delight. Maybe one day. I hope to visit Delancey. I have cousins living in the Seattle area.

But for now,  I did savor this book. Especially while riding the train to work and home again. It’s a great read for your commute. Or as the weather gets warmer, I could see taking this to the beach while enjoying the summer sun.

How You See A Tree

how I see a tree As I was walking to work yesterday morning, I noticed small buds appearing on this tree. It will probably be flowering next week. I hope to see it.

I tried to take a picture of the tree to capture the beautiful change taking place, but it wasn’t looking the same in the picture as in my mind’s eye.

Then I looked down and noticed the shadow. It looked far more interesting! A simple shift in perspective can change how you see everything.

On that note, have a wonderful weekend my friends!

#tbt: SwiftKids-Hillary’s Cookies

I wish I were more excited about Hillary’s bid for President. But as I looked back at old material for #tbt, I came across several posts about her first campaign. I’m ambivalent to say the least.

Hopefully her campaign will not result in a Republican win. I want her to prove me wrong and end my doubts. Because in the end, I have to vote for her.