Subway Stories: Keep Calm

Keep Calm Red Line MBTA Deep breath. Stay calm.

It will be okay. It’s only a commute.

In case you haven’t heard, the Red Line has been a nightmare recently. Not that it isn’t awful a great deal of the time, but it’s really awful today. In a whole other dimension awful.

Those of us who rely on the Red Line to get to work are being advised not to take it. Seriously.

To seek alternative means. I’m working on getting a ride, but the car is still being dug out of the snow.

So I’m trying to be productive and calm myself down.

Deep breath.

I started thinking that I needed to keep calm and carry on. Or actually to keep calm and avoid the Red Line. So I decided to make a nice little image with one of my old photos and introduce the Subway Stories series to the new blog.

Maybe this blog post will go viral and earn me all kinds of money, so I don’t have to commute on the Red Line ever again!

Yup. Realistic. *sigh*

Deep breath.

Okay. Carry on…..

2 thoughts on “Subway Stories: Keep Calm”

  1. When I lived in Boston the first go round (in the 1980s) we called the Red Line, the Dread Line. That nickname is coming back again. We get what we pay for. Not raising the gas tax to help fund public transportation was short-sighted thinking. While it has been reported that new trains are on order, they won’t come for 3 years.
    I’ve blogged about good and bad public transportation experiences. It’s carries a full range of humanity and you never know what might happen. A few years ago, we were all herded off the train at JFK Station with no explanation. It was raining and I walked 30 minutes to get home rather than deal with waiting. Even if I don’t take the Dread Line, there are other issues on other lines and other modes of transportation. It’s great that I can do a lot of my work from home but other times, not possible. Best of luck to all of us and activism on public transportation.

    • Candelaria – It’s a shame that it’s had to come to this. Luckily I was able to get a ride to and from work today and was able to work flexible hours. I certainly do dread what the near future holds for the MBTA as a whole system. From what I heard this morning, the Green, Orange and Blue lines had problems too.

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