Recipe Index

I believe in creativity and improvisation in the kitchen, so these recipes are merely guides. While these are the ingredients and measurements that I used when I wrote these posts, it's very rare that I cook or bake something exactly the same way each time. I'm always trying new ingredients and playing with the amounts and encourage you to do the same. And if you try a recipe, please do let me know how you liked it or even if you didn't like it.

After writing the post, A Recipe For Torts, I thought that a friendly reminder about safety might be in order. Please be careful when making any recipe that I’ve posted. I might make a recipe once and post it. I don't do any major recipe testing, because that’s not how I cook or bake. I share what I make at home. If any recipe here seems off in some way to you, please follow your instincts and don't follow as instructed. And please let me know, so I can change it! Hopefully I didn't scare you off and you will enjoy these recipes! : )

Caramelized Apple Dutch Baby

Like most of my baking, the recipe index on this blog is starting from scratch. I have eight years of recipes over on the First Amendment. Take a look over there to find recipes as well. A few recipes here are from others who have generously shared them.

Since I haven't been cooking or baking as much as I did in the past, this recipe index is short, but growing. As I put more recipes here, the listing will hopefully get more organized.

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