MBTA Customer Appreciation Day: April 24th

MBTA customer appreciation dayFor all the heartache and pain that we suffered during the winter on the T, we will all get to ride for free tomorrow. It’s MBTA Customer Appreciation Day!

So, if you ever wanted to ride the entire MBTA system all day, tomorrow is the day to do it. A few more deals have been added in as well. There are 15% off discounts for May passes.

Also, you can show your Charlie Card at different Boston area retail locations for discounts. The 20% discount at New Balance looks like the best deal to me.

While I’m not sure that this one day and a few discounts makes up for the lack of reliable public transportation this winter. Nor do I really feel that there is enough appreciation of the customer. However, it’s something. But the T still needs a permanent fix.

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Photo Credit: Mass. DOT Blog