Welcome to the blog! My name is Lisa Johnson and I've been blogging since 2006. I was born in Boston, grew up in Bridgewater, and now live in Quincy, Massachusetts. I’m a Virgo sun. Taurus rising, Scorpio moon and Venus is in Leo.

Who is Anali? That's me! Back when I created my first blog in 2006, blogging was still considered a bit sketchy. Anali was my pseudonym until I started using my real name.

Since I'm a lifelong New Englander, you'll find a lot of local flavor here, like the photo below of the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.
JFK in fallTo get a quick feel for the kinds of things that I write about, take a look at this Pinterest board, word of the year posts, my interview series and a collection of moments.

I grew up baking with my mom and have a wicked sweet tooth. While I'm not baking as much as I used to, I still write about food. There is a focus on health and wellness here -- especially  yoga and meditation. I'm a lawyer by day and a freelance writer too.

Thanks for stopping by and hope that you enjoy the blog!

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MOTTO: "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”  ~ Rumi

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