Free Yoga Boston (October 2020 – May 2021)

home yoga practice

We made it through the winter and are quickly heading into spring! For now, virtual classes are still the norm, so it’s still a good time to continue working on a home yoga practice and include meditation.

So let’s light some candles and roll out our mats. Classes listed are free or donation based. Please donate if you can! Also, since people can take online classes from anywhere, the times listed here are Eastern Time.

Make sure to check the Free Yoga Boston Facebook Group in addition to the Free Yoga Boston Facebook page. The group is private, but you can request to join. Members share information and there are additional classes and events listed.

Some classes here are found on Eventbrite and Meetup, so you can look for classes there as well. As always, this list is a work in progress and will be updated. From what I can tell, the classes listed below are ongoing for the time being.

Classes for Boston Community Yoga (BCY) are included and may vary somewhat week to week. DM them on Instagram to sign up and look at their weekly schedule.

If you know of other classes that are missing or have corrections, let me know!

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BCY – Monday Motivational Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
5:30pm – 6:30pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

Dan Rodman Meditation and Spirituality (Ongoing) Virtual
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Online Zoom Yoga (Ongoing) Virtual
8pm – 9:15pm

Meditation Group (Ongoing) Virtual
9pm – 9:30pm


BCY – All Levels Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
6pm – 7pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

BCY – Beginner Vinyasa Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
7pm – 8pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)



BCY – Morning Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
7am – 8am (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

Yoga for Busy Legal Professionals (Ongoing) Virtual
2pm – 2:20pm

BCY – Vinyasa Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
6pm – 7pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

Laughter Yoga on Zoom (Ongoing) Virtual
7:30pm – 8:10pm

Zoom Yoga, Wednesday Release! (Ongoing) Virtual
8pm – 9:15pm


Chair Yoga with Ivor (Weekly through 4/29/21) Virtual
11am – 12pm

Older Adults’ Chair Yoga (4/22/21, 6/24/21) Virtual
2pm – 3pm

BCY – Vinyasa Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
5:30pm – 6:30pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)


Yogi Dimps Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
12pm – 12:30pm (DM for IG Live classes)

BCY – Friday Morning Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
6:30am – 7:30am (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

Friday Unwind: Gentle Yoga (Ongoing) Virtual
4pm – 5pm


BCY – Power Vinyasa (Ongoing) Virtual
8am – 9am (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

Self Care Saturday All Levels Yoga (Ongoing) Virtual
9am – 10am

Online Guided Meditation (Ongoing) Virtual
9:45pm – 11pm

BCY – Weekend Warrior Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
11am – 12pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)


Online Guided Meditation (Ongoing) Virtual
9:45am – 11am

Afro Flow Yoga (Ongoing) Virtual
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Yoga and Mindfulness (Ongoing) Virtual
2pm – 3pm

BCY – Yoga for the Sunday Scaries (Ongoing) Virtual
6:30pm – 7:30pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

BCY – Restorative Flow (Ongoing) Virtual
7:30pm – 8:30pm (Time may vary. Check weekly schedule and DM to sign up.)

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How You Can Find Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer bottle

Yes! It’s possible to find hand sanitizer. I was able to get three travel size bottles yesterday.

I always have hand sanitizer around. In my pocketbook and in my car for when I’m out and about and can’t wash my hands. Usually I keep an extra bottle at home too. I didn’t run out, but started running a bit low within the past couple of weeks.

My mom also wanted me to get some for her, so I started looking. And looking. And looking. I went to about five stores and couldn’t find any.

When I first heard about coronavirus at the beginning of the year, I figured it would eventually be in the United States, but didn’t know enough to think about what that meant exactly.

It never crossed my mind that this country would run out of something as simple as hand sanitizer.  In my lifetime, the supply of most everything has always been there. My generation (the oldest of GenX or the youngest of Boomers) in this country, generally does not have a famine mentality.

There has always been enough of everything to buy. Whether we can afford to buy it is another story. My mom’s generation remembers food rations during World War II. It was hard to even conceive of rations before, but it got a little easier to imagine recently.

Since it had become pointless to keep looking in stores, I looked online. Way too expensive. I figured that there must be another way that I wasn’t thinking about.

Try Your Local Bank

The one extra small bottle of hand sanitizer that I had at home was given to me. I didn’t buy it. It was from a new bank giving out promotional gifts as marketing.

I had been given hand sanitizer as a gift from my own bank too, a while back. I wondered if they had any left. Since I had to go the bank anyway, I decided to ask. They did! I only got one bottle and was told that they were running low. There were two other bank branches not too far away, so I figured I’d go to them as well.

I went to another branch and got two more bottles! I was so appreciative and told the woman that these were as precious as gold! Makes sense that I got them at a bank!

When I asked for the branded hand sanitizers, a customer who was sitting down whipped his head around to look over. I don’t know for sure, but I bet he asked for some before he left.

The third branch told me that they didn’t have any left. But that’s okay. I have enough for me and to give some to my mom.

So think about banks or other businesses that give out branded promotional items.  Then ask them. They may just have some to give you too.

Free Coffee Today @ Coffee Break Cafe!

coffee break cafe turns 24

Happy 24th Birthday Coffee Break Cafe! On Instagram yesterday, I saw that today, Tuesday, March 3rd, Coffee Break Cafe will be giving out free small coffees, iced or hot, all day until closing.

What a generous way to celebrate their birthday! You can get free coffee at all four locationsWollaston, Quincy Center, Milton and Hyde Park. The locations have different closing times, but they are all open until the early evening, so you still have a lot of time to stop by.

Since it’s also Super Tuesday, many of you here in Massachusetts are out voting and breaking up your usual routines. So while you’re out, treat yourself and grab a free coffee! ☕


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Image Credit: Coffee Break on Instagram

Leap Year Birthday? Get Free Kane’s Donuts!

Leap Year Birthday Donut

By now, most people have realized that this is a leap year. Especially those who have that once every four years birthday on February 29th. An early Happy Leap Year Birthday to you!

If leap day is your birthday, then you could get a free half dozen of Kane’s Birthday Donuts. Yeast donuts with buttercream and sprinkles. Yum!

Show up at any of Kane’s Donuts three locations (Boston and Saugus) next Saturday, February 29th, and bring a license or birth certificate to prove your leap year birthday.

Now how many leaplings are there exactly? Kane’s donuts often sell out quickly. And these are free. Will you need to arrive early and stand in line?

Well, as of 2019 there were around 205,000 people in the United States with this birthday. And none have been added since then. A bunch more will be born on Saturday. But you most likely won’t be standing in line competing for donuts with newborns. But who knows? Maybe their parents will want the donuts to celebrate!

Since 205,000 is the whole country, if you divide by 50 for each state, that would be about 4,100 people in each state. So actually, if you really want your donuts, that’s still a few thousand people to compete with. I’d get there early if I were you!

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Image Credit: Kane’s Donuts Twitter

Free Yoga Boston (October 2019 – May 2020)

*UPDATED: July 10, 2020*

The Summer 2020 List is up! Look here.


Yoga classes are still indoors, but spring is just around the corner. This list of free yoga classes in the Greater Boston area and beyond has been updated several times over the last few months and changes to the list continue.  Please let me know if you have any corrections and/or tips!

The current list has classes that are year round and for the winterClick links for details about current dates, etc. Even though classes are free, most require registration due to size constraints. Marathon Sports classes are usually offered on Sundays, but vary greatly by date and location.

Many branches of the Boston Public Library have free yoga classes on different days and most are listed below. Also look at the BPL website for details and changes that I may have not seen.

Make sure to check the Free Yoga Boston Group too. It’s a private group, but you can request to join. Members share information and there are additional classes and events listed there as well.

Many of the free classes that I find are on Eventbrite and Eventful, so check there too! There are classes on Meetup that I generally do not include in my listings.




Community Yoga (February 24 – June 29)
(St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 15 Saint Paul Street, Brookline)
7am – 8am

Yoga For Adults (Ongoing through June 29)
(BPL Charlestown Branch, 179 Main Street, Charlestown)
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Winter Fitness Series Yoga (February 24 – April 27)
(BCYF Paris Street Community Center, 112 Paris Street, East Boston)
6pm – 7pm

Yoga at the Library (February 24, March 9, March 16, March, March 23, March 30)
(Somerville Public Library, 79 Highland Avenue, Somerville)
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Beginner Yoga For Cyclists (January 13 – March 16)
(JRA Cycles, 229 Salem Street, Medford)
6:45pm  – 7:45pm


Yoga: Brighton (February 25 – April 28)
(Veronica B Smith Multi Services Senior Center, 20 Chestnut Hill Ave, Boston)
11am – 12pm

Yoga For Seniors/Gentle Chair Yoga/ (Ongoing through September 15)
(BPL West End Branch, 151 Cambridge St., Boston)
2pm – 2:45pm

Yoga Classes at Boston Medical Center (Ongoing)
(Moakley Building, 830 Harrison Avenue, Boston)
5pm – 6:15pm

Patagonia Community Class (Ongoing)
(346 Newbury Street, Boston)


YogaHub Yoga & Meditation (Ongoing)
(1 Avenue de Lafayette, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown Boston)
5:45pm – 6:45pm

Complimentary Yoga (Ongoing)
(The Yoga Room at SP, 12 Salem Street, Lynnfield)
6pm – 7pm

Yoga For All (Ongoing through March 25)
(BPL Central Library Copley Square, 700 Boylston Street, Boston)
6pm – 7pm

Afro Flow Yoga® (April 1, April 15, April 29, May 13, June 10, June 24)
(Northeastern Crossing, 1175 Tremont Street, Boston)
6pm – 7pm

Spring into Yoga (March 18 – May 6)
(Harvard Ed Portal, 224 Western Avenue, Allston)
6:30pm – 7:30pm


Yoga Classes at Boston Medical Center (Ongoing)
(Moakley Building, 830 Harrison Avenue, Boston)
5pm – 6:15pm

Gentle Yoga (Ongoing through March 19)
(BPL Mattapan Branch, 1350 Blue Hill Avenue)
6:30pm – 7:30pm


lululemon x lifetime Monthly Yoga Series  (February 22, March 21, April 25, May 23)
(lululemon, 55 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill)
8:30am – 9:30am

1st Saturdays Yoga (Ongoing)
(Woburn Public Library, 45 Pleasant Street, Woburn)

Saturday Seasonal Yoga (Ongoing)
(The Liberty Hotel, Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston)

Yoga For Older Adults (Ongoing through June 27)
(BPL Parker Hill Branch, 1497 Tremont Street, Roxbury
10am – 11am


Complimentary Sunday Yoga (February 23 – April 5)
(lululemon, 94 Derby Street Hingham)
9:30am – 10:30am

Yoga Sculpt Class (February 23 – March 22)
(The Presentation School Foundation Community Center, 640 Washington St, Boston)
1pm – 2pm

Yoga For Runners Community Class
(Marathon Sports, Norwell)
6:15pm – 7:15pm