Boston & New England

Quincy Community Electricity

A few weeks ago, my mom and I both received letters in the mail about Quincy Community Electricity. I briefly looked at them, but didn't pay too much attention. My...
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Brookline’s Attempt to Prevent Smoking

A few weeks ago, I was watching a YouTube video about Americans visiting France. One of the hints for Americans was to not be surprised by a lot of people...
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Life & Culture

Quote of the Week: Kristin Hannah

“A warrior believes in an end she can’t see and fights for it. A warrior never gives up. A warrior fights for those weaker than herself. It sounds like motherhood...
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Almost 18 Years Blogging

In human years, turning 18 is a big deal. In blog years, it's a bit special too. Tomorrow on April 29th, it will be 18 years to the day that...
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Food & Wellness

Capo Restaurant in South Boston

This blog post isn't turning out as intended. My friend and I planned to meet for lunch at a restaurant in South Boston that had corn and crab chowder. I...
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Girl Scout Cookie Season!

It's been Girl Scout Cookie season for a while now. But I haven't randomly encountered any cookies for sale. This is a problem. One of the best things about this...
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