Boston & New England

Celebrating First Lady Abigail Adams

Maybe it's because I live in Quincy. The one in Massachusetts, that is. Or because I feel a strong sense of history. Possibly both. Whatever the reason, whenever there is...
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Free Yoga Boston (Summer 2022)

It's the 10th Annual listing of free yoga classes for Greater Boston and beyond! There are dozens of classes, so hopefully you can find at least a few that work...
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Life & Culture

Quote of the Week: Stuart Brown

"Play is called recreation because it makes us new again, it re-creates us and our world." ~ Stuart Brown  
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Food & Wellness

Coffee Breaks & Other Food Thoughts

Days and events over the past month have me thinking. About food. About family. About friendship. About time. About what is normal life. About coffee breaks and cafes. Is this...
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Winter Weekend Baking Recipe: Apple Cranberry Fig Crisp

We're deep in the heart of winter -- the end of January heading into February. As part of my practice of leaning into each season, I'm contemplating the feeling of...
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