#tbt: SwiftKids-Hillary’s Cookies

I wish I were more excited about Hillary’s bid for President. But as I looked back at old material for #tbt, I came across several posts about her first campaign. I’m ambivalent to say the least.

Hopefully her campaign will not result in a Republican win. I want her to prove me wrong and end my doubts. Because in the end, I have to vote for her.

2 thoughts on “#tbt: SwiftKids-Hillary’s Cookies”

    • Candelaria – Part of the problem with her is that I think she and Bill almost understand the machinations of power too much. I agree with much of their politics and how it will impact most people including me. But also, to me, they seem very manipulative, dishonest and power hungry. In the end, so are the republicans and it seems most politicians unfortunately. Those are the ones who usually get elected.

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