Brazen Boston Bird Tries To Bogart B.Good Bag


The weather was perfect today. Sunny with a bright blue sky. Dry and in the upper 70s. So I decided to grab a very late lunch (or early dinner) and sit outside for a bit. 

Since I brought a salad from home every day this week, today I decided to go to B.Good. I still love their Power Bowl, but switched things up with a veggie burger and vanilla milkshake. I’ve gone years without having a milkshake and this is my third in a month! What is happening?!?!

Anyway, I sat outside enjoying the weather and sipped my milkshake. The veggie burger was in a bag on a table. As I sat there, I noticed a seagull. It kept trying to pull a bag of food out of the trash, but without any luck. I took this picture above.

bird walking

Then the bird noticed me my bag of food on the table. This bird strutted right on over with no fear. So I took another picture.

Then, this sly seagull walked right on over to me. Jumped up onto the table. In my face. Then tried to snatch my B.Good bag! I had to grab it away first!

bird on table

Then this brazen bird had the nerve to stay there on the table. Looking at me defiantly. Like it was thinking, “Really. You couldn’t just give me your food.”

I took another picture. Then decided it was time to head back to the office. Maybe the universe was sending me a sign.

Homemade Harvest Bowl

This was my lunch today — leftovers from my lunches during the week. It’s healthy, filling and tastes good. I have become obsessed with these harvest bowls.

I’ve been making a concentrated effort to eat more greens and to getting my protein without soy.

Over the course of my blogging, I’ve gone back and forth between eating and drinking soy products and not. I’m back to not and don’t think I will be going back.

A favorite lunch is the Power Bowl from B.Good. I’ve never forgotten the Squash and Farro Salad that I helped make at a food blogging event a few years ago. I loved the taste and texture of the farro. I also started buying the Harvest Bowl at Sweetgreen.

These three favorite dishes are variations of the same thing. Lots of greens, sweet potato or squash, nuts, fruit, a protein like chicken or egg, cheese, a grain and other vegetables with a dressing.

I’ve been experimenting with making my own version and loving it. I make my own salad dressing and keep it on hand.

The ingredients in the salad pictured above are: baby spinach and kale, boiled egg, farro, sweet potato, trail mix, feta cheese.

Though I love this meal, I’ve been having it virtually everyday for two weeks. This coming week, I’ll be giving it a break. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Not a football fan, but I’m in New England, so Go Patriots!

Lunch at VERTS Mediterranean Grill in Copley Square

Lunch to go from VERTS Mediterranean Grill.

This was my lunch today! I had a chicken quinoa bowl from VERTS Mediterranean Grill. It was quite good and I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow too.

I took my food to go and brought it back to my office, but took the picture while I was still in the restaurant. While I didn’t eat inside, the space is open and airy, plus there is outdoor seating as well.

VERTS is similar to other places like b.good, where you get a bowl and decide what you want in it. They have a menu that you can choose from or you can build your own bowl.

I love this concept, because it’s a really healthy way to eat. You get a lot of vegetables, protein and a healthy carb.

The only off thing was the utensils. They only have forks — no knives or spoons. A bit odd, but maybe it’s an oversight that they’re working on correcting.

Outdoor seating for lunch outside at VERTS.

VERTS has greatly expanded in Boston over the past year and they now have three locations — this one on Boylston Street, one on Summer Street and one on Washington Street too. If there is one close to you, definitely check them out!

As I wrote about VERTS before, they are based out of Texas, with several locations in Austin, Dallas and a Houston location as well.

With all the devastating news we’re hearing about Hurricane Harvey, my heart goes out to everyone impacted. The stories are unimaginable. I hope that everyone in all their Texas locations are safe and weathering the storm.

*Updated 7/30/2020* It appears that VERTS may have closed and is possibly under new management.

+ + +
Disclosure: Food was compliments of VERTS. Thank you!

Hey Boston! Free Food on November 4th at VERTS Mediterranean Grill!


If you’re looking for some free food, then you may want to check out a restaurant that’s new to Boston.

VERTS Mediterranean Grill, which is based in Austin, Texas, is expanding north and opening a new location at 95 Summer Street this Friday, November 4th.

I learned about VERTS from reading two blog posts. Boston area food bloggers, Georgina of A Noted Life and Tina of Carrots ‘N’ Cake were both invited to Austin and wrote about their trip and the new Boston location.  The details of the free food are below.

After opening 34 restaurants in Texas, we’ve finally made it up north. And we can’t wait for you to try our fresh, customizable Mediterranean fare.

Our doors open at 95 Summer St. on November 4th and we’ll be giving away free entrées all day: pitas, salads, and bowls. All loaded up to your liking with your choice of protein (beef + lamb, chicken, pork, beef meatballs, falafel), toppings (sumac onions, pickled jalapeños, quinoa tabbouleh, grilled veggies, and feta, among others), and our delicious sauces. Try the tzatziki. Then try to spell it.

Our flavors will transport you to the Mediterranean. Until you look outside and see that it’s snowing. We hear it does that here.

The first 200 people in the door will leave with a bag of VERTS goodies: gift cards, recipes, and swag, so stop by early.

If I get a chance, I may make my way over there and try some food myself. I love Mediterranean food and can always use a free lunch!

*Updated 7/30/2020* It seems that VERTS has closed and may be under different ownership.

+ + +
Image: VERTS Mediterranean Grill Facebook Page






Lunch: Dragon Roll & Grill Food Truck

Dragon Roll & Grill Food Truck
Yesterday I didn’t have time to make my lunch and I needed something quick.

Being a food blogger, if I’m going to buy food, I prefer that it be bloggable. Luckily, just steps away from my office,  I spotted a new to me food truck — Dragon Roll & Grill.

I got a chicken and shrimp teriyaki bowl with rice noodles. It was really good. Although, I only planned to eat half, I ate the whole thing! The portion is quite large and you get a lot of chicken and shrimp for your money. It’s not mostly noodles.

There could have been a little bit more sauce, but that’s just my preference. I definitely recommend them, so catch them when you can!