Brazen Boston Bird Tries To Bogart B.Good Bag


The weather was perfect today. Sunny with a bright blue sky. Dry and in the upper 70s. So I decided to grab a very late lunch (or early dinner) and sit outside for a bit. 

Since I brought a salad from home every day this week, today I decided to go to B.Good. I still love their Power Bowl, but switched things up with a veggie burger and vanilla milkshake. I’ve gone years without having a milkshake and this is my third in a month! What is happening?!?!

Anyway, I sat outside enjoying the weather and sipped my milkshake. The veggie burger was in a bag on a table. As I sat there, I noticed a seagull. It kept trying to pull a bag of food out of the trash, but without any luck. I took this picture above.

bird walking

Then the bird noticed me my bag of food on the table. This bird strutted right on over with no fear. So I took another picture.

Then, this sly seagull walked right on over to me. Jumped up onto the table. In my face. Then tried to snatch my B.Good bag! I had to grab it away first!

bird on table

Then this brazen bird had the nerve to stay there on the table. Looking at me defiantly. Like it was thinking, “Really. You couldn’t just give me your food.”

I took another picture. Then decided it was time to head back to the office. Maybe the universe was sending me a sign.

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