Homemade Harvest Bowl

This was my lunch today — leftovers from my lunches during the week. It’s healthy, filling and tastes good. I have become obsessed with these harvest bowls.

I’ve been making a concentrated effort to eat more greens and to getting my protein without soy.

Over the course of my blogging, I’ve gone back and forth between eating and drinking soy products and not. I’m back to not and don’t think I will be going back.

A favorite lunch is the Power Bowl from B.Good. I’ve never forgotten the Squash and Farro Salad that I helped make at a food blogging event a few years ago. I loved the taste and texture of the farro. I also started buying the Harvest Bowl at Sweetgreen.

These three favorite dishes are variations of the same thing. Lots of greens, sweet potato or squash, nuts, fruit, a protein like chicken or egg, cheese, a grain and other vegetables with a dressing.

I’ve been experimenting with making my own version and loving it. I make my own salad dressing and keep it on hand.

The ingredients in the salad pictured above are: baby spinach and kale, boiled egg, farro, sweet potato, trail mix, feta cheese.

Though I love this meal, I’ve been having it virtually everyday for two weeks. This coming week, I’ll be giving it a break. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Not a football fan, but I’m in New England, so Go Patriots!

Boston Sunsets & Bitter Cold


Last night I walked home from the train like most days. It was probably the coldest temperature I’ve ever felt. My face hurt. It took hours to warm up and I kept shivering.

Between that walk and shoveling out my car in the morning, I’ve caught a cold. So this weekend I’m resting and trying to get my strength back.

Even though this winter is far from over, I’m looking forward to a warm-up that’s supposed to be here by Tuesday. Yay for the January thaw!

Also, the sunsets are getting later. More sunlight each day. I’ll take it.

Happy weekend to you!

May Your Saturday ….

Saturday blog post. Collage from Hymn by VeilHymn.

Be filled with peace and blessings. Because it’s been a week. So grateful that it’s Saturday, so I can rest and gather my reserves.

One of my favorite tweets from yesterday said that this week has been a very long month. That about sums it up for me on many fronts. From the political to the personal. I’m waiting on some test results and hope for so happy that I got good news next this week!

On the blog Swissmiss, I recently found a video called Hymn by VeilHymn. What a beautiful piece of art.

The visuals are stunning and the music is mesmerizing. Hypnotic. Soothing. Gentle. Everything this week was not. If you have a few minutes, take a look and get lost in it. I really like the chorus.

It’s in your mind
And who knows if that’s the thing that’s right
All you know is what you think is inside
You just might lose your mind
Better just forget it

Today is also a new moon, so it’s also a great time to set intentions for the future.

Happy weekend to you.

+ + +
Photo Credit: VeilHymn

Have a Joyful Weekend!

Black_Girl_MagicIsn’t her smile delightful?

Here’s hoping that you have a weekend filled with whatever brings you that kind of joy.

My plan is to continue and maybe finish tidying. Yup! Tidying brings me joy! I am a Virgo after all.

I’ve noticed the effects already and feel sparked and more organized, so I can move forward with some new projects. Some old ones too.

One of them is to get my taxes done. Here in Massachusetts, because Monday is a holiday, we have until Tuesday, April 19th this year to get our tax returns in. I’m hoping for a refund. If so, I just might have a smile as wide as Mr. Grant’s daughter. Happy weekend to you!

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Photo: The New York Public Library Digital Collections