Friday, June 30th – The Chubby Chickpea Giving Away Free Falafel Sandwiches!

Various small plates of food from The Chubby Chickpea that is available for catering.

Tomorrow is the Friday before the 4th of July and there’s a delicious free treat in store for you! If you’re in the Canton area around lunchtime or sometime after, head over to The Chubby Chickpea food truck. It’s all about the love of the chickpea!

According to a press release, they are celebrating their seventh anniversary and will be giving away 350 orders of their signature falafel sandwiches. Find them outside Trillium Brewing Company in Canton, where they are located every Friday, from 12pm to 9pm.

We gave away 50 free falafels the day we launched in Canton Center seven years ago,” said Chubby Chickpea founder Avi Shemtov. “After seven years of delicious food and great memories, we’re giving away seven times as many falafel sandwiches here in 2017 to say thank you to our loyal customers.

I’ve never had one of their falafel sandwiches, but they sound delicious!

The falafel is fried to order, paired with house-made hummus and tahini sauce, an Israeli salad of tomato, cucumber, scallion, parsley, lemon juice, salt and black pepper, then served on imported Israeli pita pockets.

Shemtov also recently launched the TAPPED beer truck, Greater Boston’s first and only independent mobile craft beer bar. Last Saturday TAPPED hosted its first public event, a pop-up beer garden in Squantum as part of PorchFest Quincy. There must have been a lot of beer drinkers, because they sold out of all their six draft offerings in just three hours!

If you won’t be in Canton for the free sandwiches, but you’re in the Boston area, you can find the food truck each weekday at different locations, including Liberty Square, Dewey Square, Rose Kennedy Greenway and Stuart Street at Trinity Place.

If you want to know exactly when and where, follow them on Twitter!

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Image: The Chubby Chickpea

Lunch: Dragon Roll & Grill Food Truck

Dragon Roll & Grill Food Truck
Yesterday I didn’t have time to make my lunch and I needed something quick.

Being a food blogger, if I’m going to buy food, I prefer that it be bloggable. Luckily, just steps away from my office,  I spotted a new to me food truck — Dragon Roll & Grill.

I got a chicken and shrimp teriyaki bowl with rice noodles. It was really good. Although, I only planned to eat half, I ate the whole thing! The portion is quite large and you get a lot of chicken and shrimp for your money. It’s not mostly noodles.

There could have been a little bit more sauce, but that’s just my preference. I definitely recommend them, so catch them when you can!

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

Boomchickapop popcorn truck in Quincy

Earlier this evening, I went to Stop & Shop to quickly pick-up a few groceries. As I was parking my car (add the Boston accent if you like), I spotted this pink and purple truck and took a picture. I walked into the store and they were handing out free bags of popcorn, so of course I took a couple.

According to The Popcorn Board, October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month. Until a few minutes ago, I didn’t know there was a Popcorn Board never mind that that this is the official month of popcorn poppin’.

The Boom Tour is in the Boston area right now and I just happened to walk smack into it. A Huffington Post article says that Angie Bastian started her business, BOOMCHICKAPOP, because she was trying to make some extra money to put toward her children’s college funds. She and her husband Dan turned it into a $50 million dollar business and their products are sold in all fifty states and Canada.

Looks like the kids won’t be needing student loans!