Sky Photo Project ~ May 19, 2017

Three picture collage, each with blue sky and clouds.

For my Sky Photo Project, I’ve mostly been taking one picture a day.

This past Friday, as I was walking home from the train, I took a picture. I noticed the clouds and light looked different even just a few feet away. So I took a couple more pictures — all within five minutes.

Nothing earth shattering. Just some blue sky and clouds. But it made me happy.

Sky Photo Project on Instagram

Collage with several pictures of blue skies with clouds.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I love taking pictures of the sky and tops of trees.

Even though the sky and trees are the same thing, they are never the same thing.

Especially the sky. There are so many variables. The amount of sunlight or moonlight. The shade of blue. The types of clouds.

I never get bored, because the pictures are always different. In fact, I get more fascinated the more pictures I take. It made me wonder.

How many types of sky can there be? What would it look like to take a bunch of pictures over time and compare? So about a month ago I started the #ljskyproject on Instagram. Sort of like my Virgo Season Photo Project. I’m still noticing the details.

This project could go on for quite some time. Which is fine. Because so does the sky.

A Study on Sunsets

Sunsets January2016

While doing errands Saturday evening, I truly enjoyed the sunset. The picture on the left was taken just a few miles away from the one on the right and less than a half an hour apart. But they look so different.

The colors. The fluffiness of the clouds. The starkness of the bare branches against the sky versus the lush greenery.

No matter the number of sunsets that I see, they never get old. All sunsets have their own unique beauty and feel. What a treasure. All we have to do is look up to find it!

Have a great week and keep looking up! 😀

Creative Mornings: Boston

Copley Square BostonThis week had a lot of emotional and work-related ups and downs.

But, I did manage to look up and notice the beautiful sky in the middle of it all. When I’m feeling like this, I know that I need to get my mind right. To stay positive and be mindful.

As I write this post, I’m listening to The Lively Show. The show is an interview with Lynn Robinson and focused on intuition. It’s quite a good pick-me-up and helping me stay in the right mindset.

A few months ago, I learned about a breakfast lecture series for the creative community called Creative Mornings. These free morning lectures are held in different cities all over the world and are quite a wonderful resource. I encourage everyone to go if you get a chance. From what I can tell, each month there is a different theme for the talks.

I was finally able to attend a Creative Mornings event in Boston a few weeks ago. The stars aligned and I had the time and found a lecture that interested me.

It was amazing how it worked out. I had just listened to an On Point podcast called, Zen And The Art Of The Free Throw, where George Mumford was interviewed by Tom Ashbrook about how he teaches mindfulness to athletes to help them perform at a higher level. They also discussed his new book, The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance.

It was just a day or two after hearing the interview, that I received an email that Mumford would be speaking at Creative Mornings in Boston. I registered right away!

When I attended the event, which had a theme of Collaboration, I thought they were giving the book away to attendees. But it was only to a few people and I didn’t get one. I put it on hold at the library and have been number one in line for weeks waiting for it. Maybe I’m not meant to read it yet, since I am finishing up another one. It feels right to write this post now, so I will probably write about the book after I read it.

Click here to see some more photos taken by other people. I had a great time and learned a lot at the event. Looking forward to attending more!

Clouds of Boston

clouds in the skyWhenever I’m in an elevated location where I can see the city from a new perspective, if I can, I like to take pictures.  This is my most recent photo seeing Boston from above. If you look at the far right, just where the land meets the sky, you can see the gas tank near the expressway.

It was a warm sunny day. Blue sky and white puffy clouds. I love the clouds.

Back in November 2007, I was doing 30 Days of Thanks on my old blog. One of the things I’ve always been thankful for is the ability to go outside, look up and see beauty in the clouds. I wrote about a new group that I had learned about called the Cloud Appreciation Society.

The group still exists. Last night I read an article about the founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, in the latest issue of Kinfolk. I learned that he gave a TED Talk, Cloudy with a chance of joy. Watch it, when you get a chance.

Pretor-Pinney is trying to get people to stop associating negativity with clouds and to focus on the beauty instead. He shows some amazing cloud pictures. Talks about the act of watching clouds. Doing nothing but letting our minds wander, which can spur creativity. He also gives a nice final quote.

Always remember to live life with your head in the clouds. ~ Gavin Pretor-Pinney