Kinfolk Issue Sixteen: Rwandan-born model Nadja Giramata

Kinfolk coverWhat a nice surprise to see that Kinfolk Volume 16 shines a light on the beautiful Nadja Giramata. I learned of the issue on Instagram.

I bought an earlier issue of Kinfolk a few years ago and have enjoyed their short films over the years. I love the magazine’s focus on slow living and gatherings with family and friends.

But it always bothered me that I never saw any people that look like me. After a while, if a publication never includes people of color, I assume that they don’t intend it for me and don’t want me buying it. I feel the same way about commercials that I see on television.

So it was quite nice to see a lovely model of color gracing Kinfolk‘s current cover. You can purchase Kinfolk on their website or on Amazon at a discount. Which I just just did. I also signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, so I get free shipping and it should arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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Screenshot: Kinfolk Issue Sixteen

2 thoughts on “Kinfolk Issue Sixteen: Rwandan-born model Nadja Giramata”

  1. Thanks for this and for your comment about feeling like a publication or product isn’t for you if it doesn’t have people of color in it on a regular basis. I still find myself surprised & dismayed when that happens.

    • Candelaria – You’re welcome! It amazes me that it is still even an issue. At least progress is being made!

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