Sky Photo Project on Instagram

Collage with several pictures of blue skies with clouds.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I love taking pictures of the sky and tops of trees.

Even though the sky and trees are the same thing, they are never the same thing.

Especially the sky. There are so many variables. The amount of sunlight or moonlight. The shade of blue. The types of clouds.

I never get bored, because the pictures are always different. In fact, I get more fascinated the more pictures I take. It made me wonder.

How many types of sky can there be? What would it look like to take a bunch of pictures over time and compare? So about a month ago I started the #ljskyproject on Instagram. Sort of like my Virgo Season Photo Project. I’m still noticing the details.

This project could go on for quite some time. Which is fine. Because so does the sky.