Free Yoga Boston: The Street Chestnut Hill

Free yoga class at The Street Chestnut Hill.

This morning I went to my first free outdoor yoga class of the season. Yay!

It was a 9:30am class at The Street Chestnut Hill with lululemon. The classes are almost every Sunday through the end of September.

There is an Eventbrite page to sign up in advance, but I arrived a bit late and just joined in with the class. There was a lot of room to spread out my mat and move around. I’m not sure that any tickets were checked at the beginning of the class.

Since the mall wasn’t opened yet, there was plenty of parking right near where the class was being held. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed the class.

It was a quick drive to Chestnut Hill from Quincy, taking Route 128 to Route 9, because it was a Sunday morning. There was a bit of traffic on my way home, but not too much. I’ll definitely go to this class again. It’s a great way to start off Sunday and I like trying out different classes.

The Street and YogaWorks will host what looks to be once a month free yoga classes in the evenings, called Yoga Under The Stars. The next one is Wednesday, July 17th, so you should probably sign up soon if you want to go!

Sunday Morning at Wollaston Beach

Collage of six pictures, sandy beach with water, sea grass, a book with travel mug, a hand holding an egg sandwich, feet with grey sneakers over the sand.I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’d like to spend my summer mornings.

In my fantasy life, I would sit on the front porch, back deck or balcony sipping my coffee, eating my breakfast and reading a good book.

In my real life, I don’t have a front porch, back deck or balcony. But I have to be grateful for what I have and work with what I’ve got.

Wollaston Beach is just a five minute drive from me. So I started thinking. Why don’t I just make my breakfast and bring it to the beach? So I made a spinach, kale, fried egg, Parmesan cheese sandwich with rosemary and olive oil flatbread.

Then I made my coffee and used my What Would Olivia Pope Do? travel mug. It makes me wildly happy. The little things! I put on my favorite sneakers and headed out the door.

The salty beach air smelled wonderful. I mostly ignored a few ants. After all, I was in their territory. And I really enjoyed my breakfast and reading my book.

It was a nice start to my day and I enjoyed taking a few pictures while I was out there. Since I started blogging, I stopped keeping a regular diary. Instead I keep a notebook with goals, random thoughts and things that I want to remember.

Instagram is slowly becoming a daily diary of sorts. Not that I’m sharing my deepest feelings and thoughts. But I am documenting my life and being mindful of all that I have to be grateful for.