National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

Boomchickapop popcorn truck in Quincy

Earlier this evening, I went to Stop & Shop to quickly pick-up a few groceries. As I was parking my car (add the Boston accent if you like), I spotted this pink and purple truck and took a picture. I walked into the store and they were handing out free bags of popcorn, so of course I took a couple.

According to The Popcorn Board, October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month. Until a few minutes ago, I didn’t know there was a Popcorn Board never mind that that this is the official month of popcorn poppin’.

The Boom Tour is in the Boston area right now and I just happened to walk smack into it. A Huffington Post article says that Angie Bastian started her business, BOOMCHICKAPOP, because she was trying to make some extra money to put toward her children’s college funds. She and her husband Dan turned it into a $50 million dollar business and their products are sold in all fifty states and Canada.

Looks like the kids won’t be needing student loans!

Favorite Recipes in New England

new england mapRecently I saw an article in Parade where the favorite recipes of each state were revealed. At least according to Pinterest. I was particularly interested in the New England region and thought that you might be too.

I created a Pinterest Board to get the visual and was rather surprised by the results. Not what I would have imagined. I would have expected some seafood in at least one of the states.  You just never know.

Are you surprised too?

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Photo Credit: Original image found at Discover New England

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness bottle

My uncle, the photographer, had a family brunch this past weekend and I had my first apple cider of the season! He had an assortment of things to drink and was quite enamored with one in particular. He asked if any of us had tried it before. I had not. And by the icky green looks of it, I didn’t plan to either.

He was talking about Green Goodness by Bolthouse Farms and he kept going on and on about all the good ingredients in it and that it tasted really good. I read the label and it did seem to be full of lots of healthy things and a great way to get some additional servings of fruits. My aunt pointed out that there is a lot of sugar in it. So that’s something to be on the lookout for.

Since he has never steered me wrong when it comes to good food, I tried it. It is so good! It feels very refreshing and energizing. All of us who tried it loved it!

I bought a bottle when I went shopping this week and just had a half a glass. Yum! Have you tried Green Goodness juice?

Pumpkin Spice: Do You or Don’t You?

Pumpkin Spice OreoIf you’re into Twitter, you may have seen Pumpkin Spice Oreo trending about a week ago. My first thought was, “This better not be a joke, because that would just be cruel.”

When I was in CVS a few days ago, I sort of casually looked for them. I didn’t see any, so I asked.  I was told that they didn’t have them and wouldn’t be carrying them. *Gulp*

Yesterday in Stop & Shop, I sauntered over to the cookie aisle to catch a glimpse. Nothing. When I got home, I did a quick search and didn’t see anything on the Oreo website. Then I  searched on Twitter and found the Tweet pictured above.

September 24th is the official day! I had read some articles about how good the cookies were and mistakenly believed they were available for the general public. I guess only a special few were given the cookies in advance.

Needless to say, I am now mildly obsessed with trying them and will be looking forward to their arrival on store shelves. After writing about my search for them on Facebook, someone commented that I might need an intervention. Ha! Not quite yet.

I love all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice. Since I prefer summer, the annual arrival of these flavors infused into just about every food product almost makes me happy for the cold weather. Yeah, I said it!

This pumpkin spice latte recipe is one that I plan to try. This pumpkin crumb coffee cake would go nicely with it too!

pumpkinsNow one more thing that I’ve noticed with the pumpkin spice phenomenon is the racial tinge to it. When and why did that happenPumpkin spice is being associated with white girls.

I posted this photo to my personal Facebook wall recently. In case you don’t click over, the quote says, “if you say ‘pumpkin spice latte’ in the mirror 3 times a white girl in yoga pants will appear & tell you all her favorite things about fall.”

I re-posted it because I think it’s hilarious, but I added that it could be “any” girl. Similarly, BuzzFeed has an article called “25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall.”

Of course, first on the list is “Get on that Pumpkin Spice Latte grind.” The top comment on this post is by Nicky Watson.

Buzzfeed, girls of color could enjoy these things too you know >_> I mean what does Buzzfeed think all black girls like to do during the fall? Twerk? Sheesh.

Agreed. What about pumpkin spice makes American culture want to associate it with “girls” first of all.  Not women. Or men. Or boys. It’s a flavor people! Shouldn’t it be gender and age neutral!? Then all people of color are uniformly dismissed from the conversation.

Granted, this is just a fall flavor. But in general, when we eliminate certain people from the greater conversation, it’s never a good thing. So the next time you eat something pumpkin spice flavored, think about who else you picture consuming it and why.

*Updated 10/10/2014* I spied the cookies! I’ve had way too many cookies recently, but when I saw these Pumpkin Spice Oreos in the store today, I decided to get them. Just to follow-up this post…. So I could report back to you! They’re good! I hope you appreciate my sacrifice.

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Photo Credit: Oreo Tweet

A Stroll in Brookline: Clear Flour Bread + Dorado Tacos

Clear Flour Bread storefront

At least once a year, I make my way over to Brookline to get my car detailed. Your car looks brand new after and I highly recommend it. ScrubaDub is right on Harvard Street, which is in the middle of everything.

Since it takes about four hours for the detail, it’s the perfect time to walk around the area without worrying about paying for parking. For a while, I have been hearing about Clear Flour Bread and wanted to go there. After I dropped my car off, it was just a mile walk away.

The night before, I read that their croissant was voted the Best of Boston for 2014 by Boston Magazine. So I took a stroll in shortly after noon expecting to be able to get a croissant. Ha! Not even close! You have to get to Clear Flour Bread very early in the morning. Apparently the croissants sell out soon after they open at 8am.

I’ll have to go back another time. I ended up getting a fruit tart, which I took home and shared with G. So good!

Since I was hungry at this point, on my walk back to get my car, I stopped at Dorado Tacos for something quick. My pictures didn’t come out great, so I haven’t put them on this post. I had a salmon taco, which was on a soft corn tortilla. There was more salmon than I expected and it was very good.

It was particularly hot that day. After walking, I was really thirsty. I had a Jarritos Mandarin flavored soda. The sodas are from Mexico, which goes along with the theme of the restaurant, which is that they sell Mexican street food.

After eating my quick meal, I picked up my nice shiny clean car and drove home.