Sweets of the Season

seasonal sweets gingerbread menToday our building had a holiday party for the tenants. It was such a pretty display that I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.

Jules Catering put together the festive event and arranged everything so beautifully. What a wonderful treat! I enjoyed some eggnog and carrot cake. Delicious!

Freshly Baked Cookies @ Work!

chocolate chip cookiesIt’s impossible for me to write too many posts about chocolate chip cookies. When you’re gathering the good things, they should be included on the list.

The current place where I am working is undergoing construction. I read a sign in the cafe saying that there would be cookies at 3pm every Wednesday. That made me glad.

It’s a new space for me and my co-workers, so I told them. We were all giddy like kids as the time approached yesterday. Then 3:00 came and went. No cookies. I investigated the situation and found that there would be none because of the construction in the kitchen. That made me sad. The promise of something, but then having none is far worse than just going without.

Then today, there were cookies! Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. Which I had not heard about in a long time. But they are still around! Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

What a perfect idea for an office! I remember hearing about Otis Spunkmeyer years ago and wondering about the name.

The founder, Ken Rawlings, let his 12-year-old daughter come up it. It’s certainly a name that you never forget!

They were warm, gooey and delicious. They were even delivered to us in our office.

All is forgiven.

#tbt: SwiftKids-Hillary’s Cookies

I wish I were more excited about Hillary’s bid for President. But as I looked back at old material for #tbt, I came across several posts about her first campaign. I’m ambivalent to say the least.

Hopefully her campaign will not result in a Republican win. I want her to prove me wrong and end my doubts. Because in the end, I have to vote for her.

On Oreos, Ice Cream + Snow Stress

Breyers Golden Oreo ice creamMaybe it’s snow stress. Maybe my sweet tooth has turned very nostalgic for the treats of my youth. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Either way, I’ve become rather preoccupied with all things Oreo. Cannot wait to try the S’mores Oreos!

When I was in the store recently, I noticed Breyers Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream. I could not resist.  Like most days now, another snow storm was imminent and this flavor seemed quite comforting. It was!

The cookie ice cream combo reminds me of Steve’s Ice Cream from back in the day.

Breyers actually has quite a cool thing going on with their Breyers Blasts! line of ice creams. They have all sorts of cookie, cake and candy combos.

Again, we in the Boston area are preparing for another snow storm later today and I will be doing some grocery shopping soon. I may indulge in another flavor to ride-out the storm.

What about you? Any favorite sweets to deal with the snow?

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Photo Credit: Breyers

Monday in Collage

Monday in Collage
It seems that the post that I wrote last Monday could very well have been recycled for this Monday as well. The T was a mess again with the new snow storm that is currently going on.

While in my opinion, it should have been shut down before the snow even started based on what happened last week, the train service is shut down through the end of Tuesday. Also, finally the Governor declared a State of Emergency for Massachusetts. Hopefully, with additional equipment now being requested, the snow will be removed and it will be safer to get around. We’ll see. There’s supposed to be another storm coming on Thursday and on Sunday. It’s just too much!!!

Above are some pictures that I took on Instagram that I thought I’d share here. The snowy scene is from my backyard. The table and chairs have almost disappeared under the snow! I finally tried the Red Velvet Oreos. They are so good! But I gobbled them all up really fast, so they are not pictured here.

Luckily, when I went food shopping before the storm, there was an enterprising Girl Scout in the store selling boxes of cookies. People were swarming to get them! I got three and had some Thin Mints today. A wonderful classic. Since I ate all the Oreos, G finished that box up. I also bought the Thanks-A-Lot and Cranberry Citrus Crisps. I’ll be opening those soon! The boxes are much smaller than they used to be, so they don’t last as long.

Also, in the midst of all this snow, the paperwhites that my mother gave me for Christmas have bloomed. They smell so good and remind me that spring will arrive eventually. It will be a very nice change.

How is the weather where you are?