Subway Stories: Girl Scout Cookies

As I left work last night, I was considering baking this weekend. When I walk, I find my mind creating recipes and the idea of rosemary shortbread was swirling in my head. Then I arrived at South Station to catch the train and saw a table with Girl Scout Cookies.

Talk about a mind shift! I literally stopped in my tracks and frantically started rummaging through my pocketbook to see how much cash I had. I hadn’t made it to the bank, so there wasn’t much. Was I only going to be able to get one box of Girl Scout Cookies?!

Luckily, the Girl Scouts have evolved with the times and they take bank cards now. I got three boxes of cookies: Lemonades, Shortbread and Thin Mints. G and I devoured the Lemonades yesterday. They are so perfect!

Today, I need to lay off the cookies and burn some of those calories off. But I’m looking forward to eating the rest. Maybe I’ll pick up some more as this cookie season continues. The Girl Scouts hit the jackpot of locations being inside the T and certainly helped make my commute much sweeter!

Happy Weekend to you!

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Screenshot: Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts