Freshly Baked Cookies @ Work!

chocolate chip cookiesIt’s impossible for me to write too many posts about chocolate chip cookies. When you’re gathering the good things, they should be included on the list.

The current place where I am working is undergoing construction. I read a sign in the cafe saying that there would be cookies at 3pm every Wednesday. That made me glad.

It’s a new space for me and my co-workers, so I told them. We were all giddy like kids as the time approached yesterday. Then 3:00 came and went. No cookies. I investigated the situation and found that there would be none because of the construction in the kitchen. That made me sad. The promise of something, but then having none is far worse than just going without.

Then today, there were cookies! Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. Which I had not heard about in a long time. But they are still around! Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

What a perfect idea for an office! I remember hearing about Otis Spunkmeyer years ago and wondering about the name.

The founder, Ken Rawlings, let his 12-year-old daughter come up it. It’s certainly a name that you never forget!

They were warm, gooey and delicious. They were even delivered to us in our office.

All is forgiven.

2 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Cookies @ Work!”

  1. Maybe I am easily pleased but warm chocolate chip cookies really do fix most things in my life (lol!?) Loved this post, even if it did make me a bit hungry!

    • I totally agree with you about chocolate chip cookies! Reading this post after the fact is making me hungry too! 😀

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