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This new blog home is so exciting for me! Hopefully for you too! As I start anew, I’m drawing from what I learned over at my First Amendment.

One of the many things that I’ll continue here is donating a portion of money earned from blog advertising and sponsored posts. It may only be a small amount of money, but it’s more than I would have been able to give otherwise and helps in my philanthropy goals.

Those of you who have read and commented, emailed me, linked to content, shared on social media and met me in person, you keep me going! Over my eight years of blogging, I have been amazed by it all the time and continue to be surprised.

Below is a list of the worthy organizations that you helped me donate to in 2013 and so far in 2014. Thank you!

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Community Servings

FACE Africa

Greyston Bakery

Spare Change News



Snap Judgment

A New Movie: In The Morning

I just saw the trailer for a new movie called In The Morning. This narrative feature film will have its World Premiere in New York at the 18th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival, which takes place from September 17-21, 2014.

The Writer/Director/Producer of the film is Nefertite Nguvu. From her blog, she gives us a peek into her world.

“As a filmmaker, and as a lover of films, I’ve always been attracted to intimate stories, films with an incredibly rich emotional life. I’m infinitely fascinated by the landscape of the human heart, and mind. I seek to create, and long to see films with complex, layered characters that take me on journeys. In The Morning is about something universal, something we’ve all wrestled with, sometimes won and sometimes lost, this terrible/beautiful animal: love. It explores the ever-changing nature of romantic love, but it’s ultimately about the profound power of self-love, self-actualization. My hope is that In The Morning will spark conversations about those beautiful moments in our lives and loves where we are required to be brave.”

The trailer looks like the type of film that I love and I’m intrigued by the filmmaker’s words as well. Hopefully In The Morning will be showing around the country soon!

*Updated 2/18/2020* I saw this film and loved it!

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Image: YouTube