Hole Punch Droppings.com: Seek vengeance but do no harm

Hole Punch DroppingsWhile I consider myself a good and kind person, and hopefully most others do too, I did revel in making a Schadenfreude Pie for Pi Day a couple of years ago.

I like seeing people get dessert. But as I mentioned in that blog post, I also enjoy seeing people get their just deserts. One of my favorite shows is Revenge. And it’s back tonight. I cannot wait!

A recent Boston Globe article discusses the idea of open offices coming to an end. One of the issues mentioned was that working in close quarters makes it easy to overhear conversations. Some people insert themselves into conversations that they were not invited to participate in and things can get awkward to say the least. Co-workers can start to feel uncomfortable around each other. That discomfort can start to fester. Anger may ensue. Revenge may be sought.

Well, a new company called Holepunchdroppings.com thinks that they may have the answer to the problem and help diffuse the situation with humor. And right in time for April Fool’s Day.

The website provides some very interesting scenarios in which sending some hole punch droppings, just might be the answer to the problem. Or not. Below are some examples.

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“I really don’t like the project manager for my department. I thought about sending her glitter, but that is really hard-core, I am not even sure it is legal in this state. Instead I sent her hole punch droppings. Her cubicle is now littered with them and yesterday at check-in I casually mentioned that perhaps she should not be managing the project if she couldn’t keep her cubicle clean.”

— Recently let go employee

“The guy in the cubicle across from mine keeps borrowing my personal stapler without asking. Last week I sent him an envelope of the hole punch droppings, the literary blend… with the “you know what you did” message. And today he looked me in the eyes and actually asked before borrowing my stapler. ”

— Guy in cubicle 341
 + + +

Who knows whether this latest foray into office vengeance will be a hit? But it least it keeps things interesting.

As Nemesis tells us about the business, “Hole punch droppings are absolutely not confetti. This is vengeance not a celebration.”

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Photo Credit: Holepunchdroppings.com

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  1. Hello there! Yes, I’m looking forward to the show tonight as well – I’m also looking forward to reading your McDonald’s article…but have to run out right now.
    Things have been better – and look forward to reading some of your article and catching up on some of my writing as well. Hope all is well! Glad to see you putting these out there on Linked in…one of the things that I look forward too on Linked in…keep em coming! 😀

  2. Jenise – Sometimes (maybe usually) that’s the best way to go. : )

    Renata – Hello! Hope you enjoy all the reading! 😀

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