SKUBB Storage Solutions

SKUBB under bed storage

When I look back at what I did this month, one of the biggest themes will be organizing. I got rid of a lot of old storage items that no longer worked well for me. Then found new ways to organize. From adding a clothing rack with shelves, to adding bins and other containers to my fridge.

For the longest time, I’d been storing my off-season clothing in a very large suitcase that I had stopped using. The way that I stored it in my last apartment, the suitcase was out of the way and I hardly ever had to deal with it.

Where I live now, it was in the way everyday and constantly annoying me. Then I realized that the wheels of the suitcase were literally disintegrating, leaving trails of black plastic whenever I moved it. That was the final straw. Time for a change!

I needed to figure out a different way to store these items, but wasn’t sure what I needed. Within a couple of weeks of realizing this, I saw a YouTube video showing under bed storage using SKUBB storage cases from IKEA. I ordered two of them right away. What a joy to throw away that old suitcase!

Storing off-season clothing is so easy now. With all the changes I’ve made recently, I’ve actually freed up a lot of space. This makes my Virgo brain very happy!

More Than Just the Contents of My Fridge

contents of fridge

Last week I mentioned that I was organizing my fridge and that I may share a picture after I finished. Well, it’s done. Ta da! Not glamorous, but it’s clean. Also, there’s more space and it’s easier to grab things. The storage bins work well and the cubes for soup stock are perfect.

Is this super trivial? Yup. But sometimes the most mundane things now can end up being quite interesting in the future. And the most missed. Because we took them for granted and thought they would always be around.

I’m so glad that I took pictures of Wollaston Theatre before it was demolished. There was a beautiful tree that I used to walk by everyday for years. Until it was taken down. I still regret not photographing it.

I treasure the pictures that I took of the two gas tanks and the Filene’s clock at Downtown Crossing. If you’re from the Boston area, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s a lot of nostalgia that can come up with these types of things. The last time that I took a picture of my fridge was for Pi Day, March 14, 2015. I was shocked when I saw this date.

Pi Day was one of my favorite days because it used to be a big thing with food bloggers. Also the number always fascinated me.

Three years to the day after that post, my father died. On Pi Day 2018. I’ll never forget that morning, because of all the news that Stephen Hawking died. I kept thinking that given his mathematical brilliance, it made sense that he would die on the day when everyone celebrates a number. Little did I know that my father would die before the night ended.

No matter the age or their medical condition, the death of a parent is still shocking. I was heartbroken and shocked. But my father was also brilliant and he especially loved pie. The last time that I had seen him alive he was eating pie. So in a strange way, his death on that day made sense too.

Pi Day now is very bittersweet. As the years go by, it’s more sweet than bitter. But that’s the nature of life and sometimes the nature of food. So when I share with you the contents of my fridge, it means a lot more to me than you might initially think.

Organizing My Fridge

organizing bins

Some exciting weekend plans here! Organizing my fridge is on the docket.

I’ve noticed that a lot of things are messy and not so easy to see in the vegetable bin. Because it’s just an open space without any sections, I’ve wasted food because I forgot what was there. The key is being able to see what I have and use it before it goes bad.

The freezer is the same. A lot of things are piled up and toppled over. It doesn’t look very cute either. Not sure why I didn’t think of getting these bins before, but I was inspired by watching a few YouTube videos. I can do better! Hopefully these storage bins will help my food organizing.

The plan is to clean the fridge as well, then cook a lot of what’s in there. I may do some baking this weekend too. It’s been a while!

Before on the blog, I would sometimes share pictures of the inside of my fridge. If I can get it looking ship shape, I may do that again.

Clothing Rack Assembled!

Whew! It’s done. Actually the assembly of this clothing rack didn’t take too long. Somewhere around an hour and a half. Which is quite good compared to the time I’ve spent assembling many other pieces of furniture.

I bought this clothing rack from Wayfair, not sponsored. I’m mostly pleased with it so far and think it looks great. I did notice a piece of wood splitting a tiny bit after vigorously tightening one of the screws. It’s not noticeable and hopefully this will last for a while.

Below are pictures showing how the rack was packaged and then all the pieces that were in the box. The instructions show pictures only, no text giving directions, but are pretty easy to follow.

There were a few pieces left over. There is a white curtain that goes in the back. I didn’t notice it when I first looked at the picture online and ordered it, but now that I look again, I see it. I don’t like the way that it looks, so I didn’t use it.

Another plus, shipping was free and I received delivery earlier than expected.

Lately, I’ve been re-examining how I’m storing things and figuring out what works and what does not. I’ve realized that I need much more closet space. I decided that my long sweaters and other accessories could be stored better. Using this clothing rack, I can see all my scarves and bags easily. And I can figure out what needs replacing or gaps in my wardrobe that I can add to.

This will definitely go through some changes over time, but it’s a start. For now, I just wanted to finish it, so that I could blog it. I haven’t eaten dinner yet and I’m starved, so that’s it for today!