Organizing My Fridge

organizing bins

Some exciting weekend plans here! Organizing my fridge is on the docket.

I’ve noticed that a lot of things are messy and not so easy to see in the vegetable bin. Because it’s just an open space without any sections, I’ve wasted food because I forgot what was there. The key is being able to see what I have and use it before it goes bad.

The freezer is the same. A lot of things are piled up and toppled over. It doesn’t look very cute either. Not sure why I didn’t think of getting these bins before, but I was inspired by watching a few YouTube videos. I can do better! Hopefully these storage bins will help my food organizing.

The plan is to clean the fridge as well, then cook a lot of what’s in there. I may do some baking this weekend too. It’s been a while!

Before on the blog, I would sometimes share pictures of the inside of my fridge. If I can get it looking ship shape, I may do that again.