All You Can Eat Fenway Franks at South Street Diner on Opening Day!

Glass of beer next to plate with two hot dogs topped with mustard in buns.

Baseball is back! The Red Sox kick off their 2017 season tomorrow, Monday, April 3rd! Their home opener at Fenway is against the Pittsburg Pirates.

From 11am to 10pm, on Opening Day, South Street Diner (located at 178 Kneeland Street in Boston) is making the day even more special!

Come to the diner wearing your Red Sox gear and you’ll be entered to win a raffle for tickets to an upcoming game this season.

Of course the game will be on, so you can stay a while, sit back, relax and enjoy the first game. Purchase just one beer and you can eat all the steamed Fenway Franks you want.

Yup! All you can eat!

Not a bad deal. Narragansett, PBR and Miller Lite are $3.50. All other beers are $6.00, so there’s no need to break the bank.

Drink up, responsibly of course. Eat up and enjoy!

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Image: Courtesy of DPA Communications

Farm Share Fair in Somerville – Wednesday, March 29th

Fresh, raw carrots in shades of orange of purple with the words Farm Share Fair.

If you’re looking forward to eating fresh and local this season, then you might be interested in joining a CSA.

There are many farms to choose from with different deadlines for payment. It can be confusing figuring it all out in time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one place that you could go where you could find out about all the farms in the Boston area offering a farm share program? Well, there is!

Farm Share Fair is happening this Wednesday, March 29th, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm, at The Armory in Somerville.

Enjoy veggies, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, honey, cheese, herbs, & flowers produced in New England.

The Farm Share Fair is Boston’s annual direct-to-consumer information event for food producers across the region.

Compare all the great Farm Share (CSA) programs available in the Boston area. Meet our fabulous local producers with distribution spots near you. We’ll have some great local food vendors and retailers too.

So if you want to support local farmers and eat fresh, then head over to Farm Share Fair!

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Image: 2017 Farm Share Fair

Every Body Yoga Tour: Jessamyn Stanley in Boston

Young black woman doing yoga in background with text showing cities she's visiting for Every Body Yoga book tour.

Instagram star and internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley is now also a published author.

Her new book, Every Body Yoga, will be released in April  and she’s going on tour to promote it.

Lucky for us, Boston is on her tour list and she will be speaking at Boston Public Library on Tuesday, June 6th, 6pm – 7:30pm.

Mark your calendars!

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Boston Public Library, Wedding Ceremony Giveaway

Color photo of wedding venue at Boston Public Library.

If you’re looking to get married this June and you’d like a free ceremony, you might be in luck. The Boston Public Library is giving away a free ceremony to six couples.

What better way to begin the next chapter of your life together than exchanging vows inside the Central Library in Copley Square’s iconic outdoor Courtyard? As one of the City’s most sought-after wedding venues, and an institution dedicated to serving the public, the Boston Public Library is giving six couples the opportunity to host their wedding ceremony within its historic walls this June — for free!

Get more details on how to win on the library’s website.

An online lottery is taking place now through Sunday, March 12th. The winners will be notified no later than Monday, March 13th.

So enter now and you might get lucky!

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Image: Courtyard Restaurant, Boston Public Library

Free Sahaja Yoga at Quincy’s Thomas Crane Public Library!

*Updated 4/3/2017* 

There must have been a good response to the first few classes, because they have been extended until May! Classes are from 3pm – 4pm.

Color photo of Shruti Bansal talking about Sahaja Yoga.

The types of yoga and the locations of free yoga classes in the Boston area continue to expand.

Starting this Saturday (February 11th – March 4th) and for the next four consecutive Saturdays, the Thomas Crane Public Library will offer free Sahaja Yoga sessions. The classes will be from 2pm – 3pm and you don’t need a yoga mat.

In this video, Shruti Bansal talks about Sahaja Yoga and what to expect. Below is a description of the yoga from the Sahaja Yoga website.

Sahaja Yoga is the Spontaneous Connection/Union with your true inner being i.e the Spirit through the awakening of a residual energy called Kundalini which resides dormant at the base of our Spine in a triangular bone called the Sacrum. 

Based on the video, this not a regular yoga class where you are moving around on a mat. It appears to be more focused on breathing and meditation.

I meditate regularly, but have never tried Sahaja Yoga, so I plan to get to at least one of these classes. Hopefully many of you will too!

Thank you to Thomas Crane Public Library for offering these classes!

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Screenshot: YouTube