Halo Top Ice Cream: It’s The Real Deal

Collage with four containers of Halo Top ice cream.

Have you tried Halo Top? It’s the low calorie ice cream that everyone is raving about.

I first heard about Halo Top a few months ago and absolutely did not believe the hype. I heard that people loved it so much and that certain flavors were so hard to find that people would buy containers in bulk and stockpile them like they may never find them again.

According to legend, and the containers, a pint of their ice cream is around 300 calories or less. How do they do it? It’s made with natural sweeteners, stevia and Erythritol.

I’ve tried diet soda with stevia and it was so horrible tasting that I couldn’t drink more than a couple of sips. I had read before that sweeteners like Erythritol can cause bloating and digestive issues, so I’ve avoided anything like it.

But I was curious. Could it be that good? Even if the taste was good, what about the texture? Would I feel badly after eating it?

One day, I was in CVS and walked past the freezer section. I noticed several Halo Top containers and figured that I’d get some and make my own informed opinion.

They are a bit expensive, but I had CVS coupons and wanted something sweet. That day I bought sea salt caramel. Since then, I’ve tried birthday cake, vanilla bean and oatmeal cookie.

Let me tell you. You can believe the hype, because now I do! I’ve loved all the flavors so far. The texture is on point and I haven’t had any digestive issues either.

The only negative comment I have is that the oatmeal cookie wasn’t really oatmeal cookie. The flavor was still great and I enjoyed it, but it was just flecks of oatmeal. There were no chunks of cookie, so it’s misnamed.

Now that it’s almost officially summer, I’m especially looking forward to trying more flavors. And I love not having to feel guilty about the calories!

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Images: Halo Top website