5th Annual Taste of Chocolate Festival in Harvard Square!

Harvard SquareIs the cold winter increasing your craving for chocolate?

This weekend, starting today, you can find all things chocolate at the Taste of Chocolate Festival. It looks like a really good time and cheap, since many samples are free!

Saturday, January 24th

Harvard Square Chocolate Sampling Event

From 1pm – 2pm

Deguglielmo Plaza (27 Brattle Street) will play host to an array of chocolaty samples from restaurants and shops from across Harvard Square. Bloco  Afro – Brazil , a local favorite, will be combining traditional Brazilian grooves like Samba , Funk, Rock, Jazz and even Hip Hop beats to get the party started! Make sure to come early!  This event is very popular and attracts hundreds of sweet tooths!  Restaurants and businesses who will be generously giving out chocolate samples.

For more information, take a look at the website.

National Chocolate Day: For the Love of a Chocolate Macaron

chocolate macaronWithout Twitter trending topics, I wouldn’t have known that today is National Chocolate Day. I haven’t celebrated properly yet, but decided that this holiday is worthy of a post.

Martha Stewart says to “gather the good things” and I would put a chocolate macaron in that list of good things to be gathered. Wouldn’t you?

Dark chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate. It’s the healthy kind too. It’s even said to improve memory, according to this NOVA Next article.

Now, there’s new evidence to suggest that chocolate dramatically improves the memory skills that people lose with age. When healthy people between the ages of 50 and 69 drank a mixture high in cocoa flavanols for three months, they performed about 25% better on a memory test compared to a control group of participants.

Although it would take seven bars of chocolate a day to improve it by 25%. Only two bars left to eat today!! Just kidding. 😀

Also, I just happened to read an interesting dessert related article in The Atlantic about macarons. Apparently macarons are the new cupcake. But I’ve been writing about macarons for years. I love them so much! Not to be confused with macaroons, which I have no problem resisting.

So I found a beautiful picture combining the beauty and goodness of chocolate and macarons. What could be better than that?

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Flickr Photo Credit: Chocolate Chocolate Macaron at Starbucks by The Delicious Life.