Snacking On Right Now: Noosa Yogurt

Picture of three stacked containers of Noosa yogurt.

It’s been months now since I first started eating Noosa yogurt. I know it’s spelled yoghurt on the package, but I’m American, so I’m going with the spelling that’s familiar to me.

Back to the yogurt. It’s the absolute best that I’ve tried so far. And I eat a lot of yogurt.

A co-worker first told me about Noosa. She raved and raved about how good it was. I didn’t think it could be that good. I mean, I love yogurt, but how good could it really be? I’ve tried so many different brands of yogurt and love them all in varying degrees. One day I noticed Noosa in the store and figured I’d try it. To me, it’s rather expensive, but I was very curious.

The consistency is more like pudding than yogurt and it’s bursting with flavor. I LOVE THIS YOGURT!! And I’m a person who does not use all caps. Because that’s yelling. Yes, I am yelling!

Collage of two pictures, left is color photo showing container of trailmix and trailmix in container of yogurt, left photo in black in white shows container of yogurt with trailmix mixed in and spoon.

So as much as I love this yogurt, I didn’t realize how readily apparent to others was my love for Noosa. Another co-worker mentioned to me how I start smiling when I’m eating Noosa and even just mention the name. Needless to say, she and another co-worker bought Noosa and also love it!

My new way of eating yogurt is putting trail mix into it for some extra protein and energy.  It’s a great snack and I am loving it. Picture me smiling. 🙂

Breaking Dessert News: Ben & Jerry’s at the Prudential Center!

Walled off area in the Prudential Center food court area with Coming Soon Ben & Jerry's written on it.

Did you know that Ben & Jerry’s is opening a new catering location at the Prudential Center?

My current project is in the building, so this ice cream news is very relevant information for me. Maybe for you too. My co-workers and I have been talking about it and are looking forward to the day it opens.

My curiosity always gets the best of me when it comes to dessert. Well, most things actually. But dessert too. So as I was walking by to take a picture, I saw someone getting ready to go inside this boarded up area in the picture above. I asked if he knew when they would be opening. He said by the end of this week! Let’s hope it’s true!

Let’s also hope that Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Soheim will sign the Milk with Dignity Agreement as he agreed to do back in May 2015.  Solheim’s Conscious Capitalism profile says that “Ben & Jerry’s must continue to aspire to be a social justice company that just happens to make ice cream.”

Migrant Justice is an organization focused on human rights and food justice. They are working with Vermont dairy workers and have relaunched the Milk with Dignity Campaign in order to get Ben & Jerry’s to fully implement the Milk with Dignity Program.

I was disappointed to learn that there hasn’t been the follow through with this agreement as expected. We expect a lot from Ben & Jerry’s and I believe that the founders do as well. Ice cream tastes a lot sweeter when we know that workers who make the final product possible are all being treated fairly. Don’t you agree?

+ + +

Updated 4/13/2017: As of today, it’s open!

Two people standing in front of Ben & Jerry's ice cream kiosk.

Hanson Farm + Sugar Hill Dairy in Bridgewater, MA

Hanson Farm Sugar Hill DairyThe last few days have felt like fall and now it’s official. Autumn arrived today. While summer is probably my favorite season, there is a definite beauty to fall and a certain coziness that comes with a bit of chill in the air.

Last week, my mom and I enjoyed one of those precious last days of summer by visiting Hanson Farm, which is about 25 miles south of Boston in Bridgewater. The farm has a dairy, so we decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream.

My mom had the frozen pudding, which she said was the best that she has had in years. I couldn’t pick just one, so I combined some seasonal favorites, apple crisp and pumpkin patch. They were delicious! Besides the wonderful flavors and texture, the portions are big, so a small ice cream was still a lot.

If you’re in the area, stop by and enjoy some scoops at Hanson Farm!

Is He Back? The Modern Day Milkman.

milkman in milk truckJust before arriving at work one day last week, I saw this milk truck from Thatcher Farm. With a modern day milkman.

It wasn’t until editing this picture that I noticed he had been looking my way. I was too busy with my phone and he must have been wondering why I was taking a picture. I’ve heard of their farm before and learned that they have a dairy delivery service in the Boston area. Pretty cool.

My parents and their contemporaries talk about the milkman, the rag man and others who delivered or picked up items to and from homes on a regular basis when they were young. Sometimes in a cart with a horse.

Most people don’t have their milk delivered anymore. Many like me don’t drink dairy milk. Usually it’s almond milk, but I drink coconut milk, hemp milk and other milks sometimes too. Not that I’m against dairy. I eat cheese and yogurt all the time. I love ice cream and eggnog as well.

Getting a dairy delivery fresh from the farm seems to happen a lot more nowadays. A recent CNBC article says the milkman may be returning to modern day life. But it looks like he is already here.