Snacking On Right Now: Noosa Yogurt

Picture of three stacked containers of Noosa yogurt.

It’s been months now since I first started eating Noosa yogurt. I know it’s spelled yoghurt on the package, but I’m American, so I’m going with the spelling that’s familiar to me.

Back to the yogurt. It’s the absolute best that I’ve tried so far. And I eat a lot of yogurt.

A co-worker first told me about Noosa. She raved and raved about how good it was. I didn’t think it could be that good. I mean, I love yogurt, but how good could it really be? I’ve tried so many different brands of yogurt and love them all in varying degrees. One day I noticed Noosa in the store and figured I’d try it. To me, it’s rather expensive, but I was very curious.

The consistency is more like pudding than yogurt and it’s bursting with flavor. I LOVE THIS YOGURT!! And I’m a person who does not use all caps. Because that’s yelling. Yes, I am yelling!

Collage of two pictures, left is color photo showing container of trailmix and trailmix in container of yogurt, left photo in black in white shows container of yogurt with trailmix mixed in and spoon.

So as much as I love this yogurt, I didn’t realize how readily apparent to others was my love for Noosa. Another co-worker mentioned to me how I start smiling when I’m eating Noosa and even just mention the name. Needless to say, she and another co-worker bought Noosa and also love it!

My new way of eating yogurt is putting trail mix into it for some extra protein and energy.  It’s a great snack and I am loving it. Picture me smiling. 🙂