WBUR + Legal Sea Foods = Dinner!

Legal Sea Foods dessert with dinnerMaybe a month or so ago, I was driving and listening to WBUR, a local NPR station. They were fundraising and giving out Legal Sea Foods gift cards for donations. A great idea for dinner!

I’m already a sustaining member, so I didn’t think I’d be eligible for anything. Then they said that even a tiny increase in the monthly amount would be enough to get a gift card. Since that fits my budget, I thought it was a nice excuse to do some good and go to Legal Sea Foods.

Last night, my mom and I went to dinner at their new Braintree location. It had been a while since we went out to dinner together, so it was real treat for us. The service was excellent and so was the food.

We both enjoyed our seafood dinners, but I was focused on dessert from the beginning after reading that they were featuring a cognac pumpkin cheesecake. It was delicious! The size was rather small, which was both good and bad. I wanted more, because it was so good. But I also didn’t feel as guilty eating it since the portion was quite reasonable.

My mom ordered the Boston Cream Pie and I had a taste. Okay, a few bites. I loved it too! Trying Boston Cream Pie at different locations, like Bostonia Public House and Parker’s Restaurant, is becoming a thing with me. I wonder what place prepares it the best? That will take some diligent research and remembering to order when it comes time for dessert when I’m out at dinner.

I like seeing the different variations of our official state dessert here in Massachusetts. Earlier today there was a nice segment on CBS Sunday Morning about Boston Cream Pie, which is actually a cake. I’ve never made it myself. Maybe that will be a thing at some point too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Dîner en Blanc: Boston

Diner en Blanc Boston1Despite the rain and the big football game, this past Thursday evening, more than 1,500 people showed up for Boston’s annual Dîner en Blanc. I remember hearing about it a few years ago and being absolutely enchanted by the idea and the stunning photos.

Diner en Blanc woman and umbreallaHowever, I’ve never actually been to the event. I like the idea more in theory than in practice. You must dress up completely in white. I don’t have a suitable outfit for the occasion and would need to buy one to attend. It hasn’t been a priority purchase to happen.

Also, you need to be very spontaneous. The location of the dinner is a secret. You find out at the last minute and then quickly make your way there carrying all that you’ll need for your meal.

Diner en Blanc couple in rainI like a bit more of a heads up. But that’s just me. Lots of people in Boston and all over the world have a great time at this event. Luckily I was given some great pictures to share with you. It does look like a good time.Diner en Blanc group of women

Dîner en Blanc was started more than 27 years ago in Paris by François Pasquier with just a small group of friends. The Boston event took place at City Hall Plaza.

“Originally, we had planned for the dinner to be set up on the wide steps of the Plaza, with the band and DJ completely outside,” said Bryer Davis, co-host of Dîner en Blanc – Boston. “But as the weather worsened throughout the day, we knew we had to make a late call. Thanks to the incredibly helpful team at City Hall and our tireless volunteers, we moved last minute under the cover of the City Hall courtyard. It turned out to be the perfect spot for Dîner en Blanc and was better than we ever imagined!” The White Heat Swing Orchestra got the party started and welcomed guests as they arrived.

Then everyone started decorating their tables and setting up their elegant picnics, while enjoying wine and champagne. It looks like guests were quite creative with their table settings and enjoyed some very good food.
Dinner started with the traditional waving of the white napkin. Each guest received an LED sparkler, and the party twinkled with tiny lights as guests headed to the dance floor, where they danced to the musical stylings of DJ Nixx.

If you didn’t get to attend this year, there’s always next year. Just get your white outfit ready!

Diner en Blan two masked women

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© Images by: Vita Images and Jennifer Heffner Photography