15 Years Blogging

15 years anniversary flowers

“I am determined to see this with love. I surrender this story and let the Universe lead the way.”

~ Gabby Bernstein

Another blogging anniversary — 15 years! And a new word for the year. This year’s word is SURRENDER. Because that’s been required recently.

According to Eckhart Tolle, “What you fight, you strengthen. What you resist persists. Make peace with it. The action comes out of presence not out of being defensive.”

There was a lot that I was fighting, because I felt like I had no choice. Then it became too exhausting and I surrendered to the situation. Within days, the situation changed. It didn’t happen the way that I would have chosen. But it allowed what I had been trying to do all along.

Sometimes I feel like I’m learning the same lessons over and over again. But maybe that’s what life is. Remembering what is true and then reminding myself how it applies in many different ways.

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Links to posts for past years are below. Thank you for being here!

2 thoughts on “15 Years Blogging”

  1. Congrats, Lisa! That is a HUGE milestone! I love how you do your anniversary posts. Short and sweet but also powerful . I wish I had followed your lead. The last several years I really haven’t done anniversary posts because I have never mastered the art of brevity and tend to get bogged down. Back to your wisdom … yes, fighting rarely serves us well. It’s just not our natural state and our body doesn’t do well when fighting. I’m so glad we’re getting closer to completely “being on the other side.” Stay well, dear.


    • Shirley – Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the post-pandemic world. My second vaccine is next week. You stay well too! I wonder if in person blogging conferences will be a thing again?!

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