Yoga Trends: Is Goat Yoga Coming to New England?

Light brown goat looking up from behind a fence.

Is this goat looking for a yoga class?

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a goat? I can’t say no for sure. Can you?

Based on the number of articles about goat yoga classes that I have seen lately, it looks like a trend that could be around for a while. Though it seems that humans tend to push the yoga agenda on the goats.

Goat yoga started in Oregon. Then jumped to Arizona. And now it looks like goat yoga has arrived in New Jersey. It seems that goat yoga is moving eastward.

So how about New England? Last summer I met some goats at Sakonnet Farm in Rhode Island and took the picture above. Could a goat yoga class spring up here?

Warmer weather is coming to New England soon. The time is ripe for planning fun outdoor yoga classes. Why not add goats?

Let’s hope that this fun yoga trend doesn’t leave us New Englanders behind and arrives soon.

When the donut ice cream cone trend jumped from Europe to the United States, I gave you the news here first. It’s my mission to do the same for you with goat yoga!

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Updated 3/16/2017: Goat yoga has arrived in Detroit!
Updated 4/6/2017: They’re doing goat yoga in Florida!
Updated 4/16/2017: Goat yoga is in New England! New Hampshire beat us to the punch!
Updated 4/21/2017: Goat yoga is in Massachusetts! But for now, you have to go out west to Easthampton!

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