Top 8 Links: Halloween

 Jack O Lantern for Halloween

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. We lived in a large apartment complex with many buildings and would trick-or-treat in each building on every floor.

It was such a blast and we got so much candy! A friend’s mother would decorate their whole apartment, have scary music playing and she would dress up like a witch. So many years later and I still have such fond memories.

I’ll be picking up some candy today and hopefully we’ll get a few trick-or-treaters. We usually don’t get many, but I still love the day.

Happy Halloween to you and enjoy the links!

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The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows (The American Folklife Center)

Soul Cakes: Hallowed Offerings for Hungry Ghosts (NPR)

Halloween 2014: The horror films and scary TV to watch on Netflix (The Independent)

The Tell Tale Heart – 1953 narrated by James Mason (YouTube)

5 Workouts to Burn Off Halloween Candy (

10 Supposedly Haunted Objects Never, Ever to Bring Into Your Home (Especially Around Halloween)(Bustle)

Here Are the Top Five LA Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating (Curbed LA)

Yes, I Bring My Poor Children Trick-or-Treating in Your Rich Neighborhood (Time)