Move Over Chai. Hello London Fog.


To me, there’s nothing endearing about the cold. Except the warming up. What better way to warm up than with a steamy hot drink?

I’m all about the hot cider, hot chocolate. Of course hot coffee. And as the first leaves start falling from the trees, I stock up on multiple teas.

Chai tea is a favorite. I love the sweetness and spice with either soy or almond milk. Generally that’s the only tea that I drink with milk. But recently, I read about a different way to drink Earl Grey tea.

According to a Tasting Table article, a hot drink called London Fog is all the rage on the West Coast — though first created in Vancouver. Apparently since I am way over on the East Coast, I had never heard of it. Or I’m just out of the loop.

To make it, you steam milk, add to Earl Grey tea, then add vanilla. Have you tried it?

I did a very quick version of my own when I got home from work tonight, but I also added honey. I liked it and will definitely make it again.

You can also order the drink on Starbucks Secret Menu. So if you don’t want to make it at home, grab some while you’re out on the go.








Snacking On A Pumpkin Cookie

pumpkin cookie for snacking

As I mentioned in my Edgar Allen Poe post, I had a meeting downtown yesterday. We met at Starbucks, but then decided to sit outside, since it was nice out.

My free birthday drink was getting ready to expire, so I let Starbucks treat me to an iced Oprah Chai Tea Latte. My first time trying it. It was good! Have you tried it?

Since I can’t resist anything striking any sort of resemblance to a pumpkin or hinting at pumpkin spice, I broke down and got a pumpkin sugar cookie since it was perfect for snacking. It wasn’t pumpkin spice, but I still enjoyed it.

I could probably bake something just as good, if not better myself for snacking. Maybe I need to get a pumpkin cookie cutter?