Edgar Allen Poe Statue in Boston

Edgar Allen Poe Square in Boston

We had another unseasonably warm day in Boston yesterday. Since I was already downtown meeting with someone for an article that I am working on, I decided to enjoy the weather and walk around a bit afterwards.

Edgar Allen Poe is a favorite writer of mine, and a new statute of him was just unveiled in Boston this past Sunday, October 5th.

Edgar Allen Poe Statue in Boston

I walked over to Edgar Allen Poe Square and took a look for myself. It’s so much smaller than I expected! There were a few other people walking around looking and taking pictures too.

If you were walking and not paying attention, say looking down at your phone, it would be quite easy to smash into it and take quite a topple.

The directions that I was given by various people were sketchy at best. Let me give you the benefit of my wandering around and make it easier for you to find.

If you take the T, get out at Boylston Street on the Green Line. After you exit, cross the street onto Boylston Street and walk away from Boston Common towards Charles Street and looking at Park Square.

While I was admiring the statue, I couldn’t help but think about all the negative comments Poe made about the city of his birth. He was not fond of Boston.

Does he like this or is he rolling over in his grave? Something to think about with Halloween arriving soon and the man who wrote to terrify now conjured up and walking amongst us. The “Do Not Enter” sign appearing before him might just be taking on a whole new meaning…..

4 thoughts on “Edgar Allen Poe Statue in Boston”

  1. Oh, how wonderful! I had no idea that Boston had chosen to honor Edgar Allan Poe with a statue. It’s outstanding. While it’s true that Poe had a great deal of derision for Boston’s residents, especially its writers, I don’t think it was the City itself. Poe was notorious for trying to tear down Icons, for trying to skewer and deflate popular personalities who were simply resting on their laurels and not doing anything to earn their accolades. Boston was full of writers like this, and a great deal of his criticism (remember, Poe was a literary critic) turned out to be accurate.

    So glad I stopped by to see this statue at your site today! And I’m sure that a great deal of Poe’s antipathy toward Boston was childish rejection. His beloved mother had been devoted to the city.

    • Nance – It’s taken a long time, but I think it was worth the wait. Glad to see you on the new blog and happy that you enjoyed the post!

  2. I am a Designator of the George Henderson Foundation & we gave funds towards this sculpture. Thanks for your comments about it and those of one of your readers.

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