Brookline’s Attempt to Prevent Smoking

designated smoking area sign

A few weeks ago, I was watching a YouTube video about Americans visiting France. One of the hints for Americans was to not be surprised by a lot of people smoking cigarettes. And further, not to complain when encountering it, because it’s a cultural difference.

I was a bit surprised and wondered just how much more the French smoke compared to Americans. According to World Population Review, 34.6% of people living in France smoke as opposed to 24.3% of people living in the United States. That is a pretty big difference.

Maybe we have more restrictions here on where people are allowed to smoke? I would think by now, that most people all over the world know the dangers of cigarette smoking. But it’s possible that the dangers have been more publicized here because of tobacco litigation.

Smoking never appealed to me. My mom used to smoke and I remember waking up to the smell of it. I hated it. I tried smoking once and didn’t like the taste of it either. My mom eventually quit smoking and I’m sure that it’s added many years to her life.

Since so many of us are on board with not smoking, getting people to never start smoking is key. It’s so much harder to quit later.

Here in Massachusetts, the town of Brookline went next level with their attempt to prevent people from smoking. The sale of tobacco is not allowed to anyone born on or after January 1, 2000. The ordinance went into effect in 2021 and was upheld by the state’s highest court. So other cities and towns in Massachusetts could soon do the same to limit the sale of tobacco. This tobacco ban is apparently the first of its kind in the country.

I’m not sure if this is the start of a trend, but I would be surprised if it remains the only locality to try this. It will be interesting to see if and how soon other places may follow.

And for those young smoking tourists from France, if you visit Brookline, you’ll have to get used to the cultural difference.

A Stroll in Brookline: Clear Flour Bread + Dorado Tacos

Clear Flour Bread storefront

At least once a year, I make my way over to Brookline to get my car detailed. Your car looks brand new after and I highly recommend it. ScrubaDub is right on Harvard Street, which is in the middle of everything.

Since it takes about four hours for the detail, it’s the perfect time to walk around the area without worrying about paying for parking. For a while, I have been hearing about Clear Flour Bread and wanted to go there. After I dropped my car off, it was just a mile walk away.

The night before, I read that their croissant was voted the Best of Boston for 2014 by Boston Magazine. So I took a stroll in shortly after noon expecting to be able to get a croissant. Ha! Not even close! You have to get to Clear Flour Bread very early in the morning. Apparently the croissants sell out soon after they open at 8am.

I’ll have to go back another time. I ended up getting a fruit tart, which I took home and shared with G. So good!

Since I was hungry at this point, on my walk back to get my car, I stopped at Dorado Tacos for something quick. My pictures didn’t come out great, so I haven’t put them on this post. I had a salmon taco, which was on a soft corn tortilla. There was more salmon than I expected and it was very good.

It was particularly hot that day. After walking, I was really thirsty. I had a Jarritos Mandarin flavored soda. The sodas are from Mexico, which goes along with the theme of the restaurant, which is that they sell Mexican street food.

After eating my quick meal, I picked up my nice shiny clean car and drove home.