A Collection Of Moments: October

October falling leaves

It’s October. But summer is my favorite season. Living in New England, we don’t get to pick and choose the season we exist in.

As summer faded away and turned to fall, I decided it’s best to appreciate each season. Days sometimes feel long, but life is short. What we resist persists, so my goal is to be all in with each season that life brings. Even October.

This monthly series, A Collection Of Moments, is my attempt to actively notice the changes and beauty within each month. Because what is life, but a series of moments strung together like twinkling lights on a string?

October outdoor fire


The beauty of fiery red, orange and yellow leaves.

Falling at your feet.

Winding up on your windshield.

The bounty of the harvest at farmers markets.

Sweet maple syrup on warm pancakes.

A cup of hot tea.

Looking out a window at the sky.

The sparks and crackle of an outdoor fire

that warms your hands

and smoke that smells like memories.