Mindfulness & Fidelity of the Breath

Since I started meditating on a regular basis a few years ago, I’ve become more mindful and aware of the present. Also more focused and calm. It feels like I’m in flow with the universe. Whether you believe in that or not I don’t know, but I feel like the timing of things is often quite right. More than before at least.

When I took a mini-mindfulness retreat a couple of years ago, I learned about the fidelity of the breath and blogged about it soon after. Here’s an excerpt below.

While everything in life changes, one thing we can always count on is our breath to be with us. It’s the one thing that we have had since the moment of our birth and we can count on until the moment we die. We will always have our breath and we can use it. Sit with it and learn to appreciate the present.

This short video “Just Breathe” is quite moving. Children are so often underestimated and spoken down to in our society. But here, several kindergarteners speak quite eloquently about how they feel when they are experiencing anger and how mindfulness meditation helps them to get control of their emotions and calm down. These kids really get it.

If you’re interesting in exploring this topic a bit further, click over here and Bill Murray, yes the comedian Bill Murray, will take you through a short mindfulness exercise like only he can. It’s worth a listen.

Have a great day! Namaste!