Blogging in 2024

blogging in 2006

Blogging in 2024 versus blogging in 2006. It’s a whole different world.

This picture above is how my old blog, Anali’s First Amendment, looked back then. This was the first capture of it on the Wayback Machine on August 11, 2006. My first post was on April 29th of that year, so it took a little while for it to register on the internet.

I was still using an alias and my picture didn’t show my whole face. This blog has been through so many iterations that I forgot what it used to look like!

We often revisit the past when thinking about what we want in the future. Doing NaBloPoMo last year was part of that process for me. When I finished, I decided that I would write twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday.

So far I have, but I’m starting to wonder why. And I’m starting to wonder why I’m continuing to blog. Before when these thoughts crept up, something would happen that made me feel like I wanted to continue. But I’ve been feeling this way for a bit and nothing has changed this time.

April 29th will be 18 years blogging. When people turn 18, in most places, that means they have reached the age of majority and can be considered an adult. The adulthood of this blog might look different.

I’ll still always write, but writing doesn’t have to be here. Time will tell.

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