Almost 18 Years Blogging

In human years, turning 18 is a big deal. In blog years, it’s a bit special too.

Tomorrow on April 29th, it will be 18 years to the day that I started blogging. I’ve written before about how so much has changed with blogging. Is it an ancient relic at this point? Video is the focus now.

Back in 2006, there wasn’t any social media. We hadn’t been through a pandemic. The world is so different. I’m so different.

Usually, I would choose a new word for the year on the 29th. I also always posted on the exact day. This year, I don’t feel called to pick a word for the year. And I’m posting a day before. Keeping with my weekly Sunday posts.

So no big fête. 18 years is marked and noted. Hooray!

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