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A few weeks ago, my mom and I both received letters in the mail about Quincy Community Electricity.

I briefly looked at them, but didn’t pay too much attention. My mom was finally home after a horrible cycle of falling, being hospitalized and staying at nursing rehabilitation facilities for several months. I stayed with her for a couple of weeks to get her back in the swing of things again.

She had several medication changes and we both were doing our best to get things right for her. Her health and independence were the focus for both of us.

Then I happened to notice that the letters we received required us to opt-out of the new Quincy electricity program or we would be automatically enrolled. That was news to us!

After reading a bit more about the program on the city of Quincy’s website, it seems that the changes won’t be as big as I thought initially. Dynegy will become Quincy’s retail electricity supplier, but the rest will remain the same.

“Participation in Quincy Community Electricity will only change the “Supply” portion of your National Grid electricity bill. National Grid will continue to manage electricity billing, maintain poles and wires, and respond to storm outages. Customers using budget billing or receiving low-income rate discounts will continue to receive those discounts without interruption.”

Both my mom and I were very concerned about repairs after power outages. Apparently that won’t change. At first, we were both hesitant about being part of the program. But now, I’m reconsidering. Maybe we should try it.

However, I wonder how many people have noticed that they have to opt-out. Will many Quincy residents be surprised when the new program starts in June? Or maybe the changes won’t be significant enough for most people to notice. It will be interesting to see how this new program fares.

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