This Month So Far: October 2016

Photos taken during October.

Finding the time, energy and will to blog has not been easy lately. So I’ve been blogging much less. It’s now October.

Life has changed a lot since when I first started blogging ten years agoMoney and time available have decreased. Family responsibilities have increased. Free Yoga Boston and other social media platforms that I’m on now didn’t exist ten years ago.

Just like the seasons change, our lives change and we must adjust. Focusing on my well-being has made blogging fall away to a certain extent. But I miss it too.

Documenting my life and experiences is something that I had always loved about blogging. When others appreciated what I shared, it made it even sweeter.

To continue, blogging has to happen differently. For now, I hope you enjoy these images. These are bits and pieces of my October so far.

Have a great weekend!