Burke’s Seafood – Quincy, MA

Burke's Seafood sign and seafood platterWhen I attended Seafood Expo North America (SENA) last year, I learned so much about how we Americans consume seafood. Did you know that up to 90% of the seafood consumed in this country is imported?

According to NOAA FishWatch, “a significant portion of this imported seafood is caught by American fishermen, exported overseas for processing, and then reimported to the United States.”

That is shocking to me. It made me a lot pickier about my seafood and I started focusing on higher quality. A local place called Burke’s Seafood is a great find. Not only can you find fresh seafood, they also prepare it.

Last week, I bought a full dinner for my father’s birthday that fed four people and was under $45.00. We all loved it. Plus, there were leftovers!

You can call ahead and order your food to go or stay and eat there. I highly recommend Burke’s. There are usually a few people waiting, but not for too long.

Burke’s Seafood is located in North Quincy just off Hancock Street on Billings Road. From their website, it looks like they are closed on Mondays. But they have long hours on all the other days, so it’s easy to get a chance to stop by.

Also, they have a monthly newsletter called Fish Tales that you can subscribe to and learn about other things they sell, like beer and wine. You can receive coupons and find out their specials that month. I’ve already sent a few people over there, so I figured I’d share with you too. Hopefully when you get a craving for seafood, you’ll check them out!