Pantone Color of the Year: Sunset After the Rainbow

Pantone Color of the Year 2016

The rainbow that I captured last week was gone within minutes. I kept taking pictures though. This is the picture after the rainbow as the sun was closer to setting. The trees were cropped out, so the focus is on the color of the sky. Sanura commented that the sky was the Pantone color of the year. She was right! I hadn’t even noticed.

Instead of one Pantone color of the year, there are two! Serenity and Rose Quartz are the colors for this year, according to the company that has set the “standard for color communication and inspiration since 1963.”

Looks like they pulled these colors straight from nature. I wholeheartedly approve!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

St Patrick's Day Rainbow

Just a little while ago, I was getting ready to grab something to eat and saw this amazing light peeking through my window. Like magical shimmering.

So I grabbed my phone, put on my sneakers and dashed outside. I saw the light. Then I gasped. I saw this rainbow over the trees. Wow! I almost missed it.

Plus, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Well, what do you know? I haven’t been able to capture a rainbow in years. Maybe it’s the luck of the Irish! Sure hope that pot o’ gold is coming my way next!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who are celebrating!