Lunch at Bostonia Public House

Bostonia frontA little over a month ago, my friend Karen (Boston area food blogger Fussy Eater) and I had a wonderful lunch at Bostonia Public House. The plan was to catch up over dessert and coffee. But both of us arrived rather hungry, so we ended up having a full lunch.

Bostonia neighborhood

The day was hot and humid and we both needed to cool off fast. Since we decided to really get a feel for this restaurant with a full meal, we both decided to have cocktails. Sure it was only mid-afternoon. But it was a Saturday and this is one of the perks of being an adult. There sure are a ton of responsibilities, so we might as well have fun when we can!

Karen arrived first and she was sipping on a mint julep, when I walked in. While not on the drink menu at the time, she ordered it anyway and was very pleased.

mint julepAs I read over the drink menu, I was intrigued with Pimm’s #617. I’ve read good things about Pimm’s, but have never tried it. I was pretty excited to order it, but unfortunately they were out. I ended up ordering a French Martini instead. Loved it!

French Martini

We both took pictures of our drinks with our phones and I can definitely see that I need to upgrade. But for now, at least you can see what the drink looks like. The pretty pink color was a pleasant surprise! By the way, service at Bostonia Public House was excellent!

The ambiance of the restaurant is very nice. My only comment was that there were many TVs with sports on. That is not my preference, but a public house or pub is like a sports bar where the focus is on drinks and sports. Given the name, they do the “extras” very well and probably won’t be turning off the TVs anytime soon.

Also, I’m not a fan of the seemingly growing trend of restaurants having tall tables with stools, which is how we were seated. I’m fairly short at 5-foot-3, so I have to make a fair effort to sit on the stool and never feel very comfortable. Karen didn’t find it a problem, but she’s also much taller than I. Is the trend to focus on taller people? Are there no short people making restaurant purchasing decisions??!! This is quite curious to me. But, I digress….

warm lobster rollBack to our lunch. We both had lobster rolls. There was a choice between warm and cold, which was quite nice. I had the cold and Karen had the warm, which is pictured above. They were a hit regardless of temperature!

Both Karen and I have a big focus on desserts with our blogging, so we were eagerly anticipating the sweets offered here. We decided to share, so we could try both.Boston Cream pieThe “Bostonia” Cream Pie was good and an interesting twist on the traditional Boston Cream Pie. It was beautifully presented, but I wished there had been more of the chocolate ganache. After much Boston Cream Pie tasting, I’ve realized that I prefer the messy, gooey and sloppy, which does not align with a pristine presentation. I think a less than perfect looking homemade Boston Cream Pie is the way to go and will probably not be ordering anymore in restaurants.

Now, if you take nothing else from this post, please remember this. If you value your own happiness and appreciate that life is short and fleeting, you must try the Berkshire Bourbon Glazed Sweet Potato Doughnuts. Do it now. We don’t know what tomorrow brings.

sweet potato donutsThis is one of the best desserts of my life. The doughnuts were served hot. They were tender inside with a soft crackle of glaze outside and reminded me of French toast.

Lunch was a real treat, but way more expensive than what I can justify on a regular basis. However, I will be going back for those doughnuts and I hope you do too.

*Updated 10/16/2014* I forgot to mention the generous portion size of the doughnuts. Karen’s post reminded me. Take a look at her thoughts over here.

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Photo Credits: Karen Zgoda photographed the mint julep, lobster roll and doughnuts.