Farmers Market: Copley Square in Boston

Copley Square Water Fountain

Recently, I was in Copley Square. I thought I’d share some pictures. Above, I was facing Boylston Street looking at the fountain.

old south church at Copley Square

Here, I was standing on the steps of the Boston Public Library looking down Newbury Street.

Boston Public Library Copley Square Farmers Market

I was returning a library book and happened to be there at the right time to stroll around the Copley Square Farmers Market.

farmers market raspberries at Copley SquareDon’t these raspberries look good? I’ve never tried the yellow or orange. So many choices!

Copley Square Farmers market squash carrots peppersCopley Square Farmers market sunflowersCopley Square farmers market vegetables

I was tempted by the rainbow carrots, but already had carrots at home, so I decided not to get them. When I saw the golden beets, I couldn’t resist. As a child, I hated beets. But over the past few years, I’ve started to warm up to them.

Last night, I roasted the golden beets. I drizzled olive oil on them. Then sprinkled some sea salt and black pepperCopley Square farmers market beets and carrots

I used the beet greens and walnuts to make a pesto. Then I spread the pesto on puff pastry, added some sliced red onions and the roasted beets on top.  A new vegetable tart! It was really good and G loved it!

He’s been sick the past few days, so I’ve been a bit worried. His temperature is finally getting close to normal and he seems to be on the mend. I have no proof, but maybe it was the golden beets.