Celebrity Chefs: USPS Forever Stamps

celebrity chefs Forever Stamps USPSLike most people, I buy stamps a lot less than I used to. Most bills are paid online — and even though I love to write letters and send cards, I don’t do it as much as I used to. Since stamps tend to hang around for a bit, it makes sense to buy Forever Stamps.

For me at least, buying stamps now is like buying costume jewelry. It’s a fun accessory and an inexpensive way to show a bit of  personality and individual style.

Looking at the website, I see that there are Farmers Market Stamps. I love these! Maybe I need to start ordering all my stamps online, because my local post office usually never has fun stamps like these. At least when I go to get them.

In case you will soon be buying some stamps, I just learned that next week, there will be a new set of Forever Stamps making their debut on September 26th. More stamps for those of us who love all things food and cooking!

Next Friday, Celebrity Chefs Forever Stamps will be issued! They’ve picked a nice group and I appreciate the diversity as well.

The five chefs honored on these stamps—James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis, and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi—revolutionized our understanding of food. Seeing cooking as a source of delight, they invited us to feast on regional and international flavors and were early but ardent champions of trends that many foodies now take for granted. As they shared their know-how, they encouraged us to undertake our own culinary adventures.

Looks like the the United States Postal Service has very good taste!

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Photo Credit: USPS