Sowing Seeds, Sinking Funds & 6AM

basil seedlings

Sowing Seeds

The last few weeks I’ve been sowing seeds. Both inside and outdoors. So far nothing has sprouted outdoors in the pots on the balcony, so I’ve tried a second set of seeds. Indoors the basil made an appearance! In a few weeks it will go outdoors. I’m looking forward to fresh basil this summer and maybe I’ll try some basil lemonade!

Sinking Funds

Since my federal student loans were forgiven last year, I’ve been super focused on my finances. Not having that debt feels like a second lease on life. I’ve made progress eliminating more debt and increasing my savings and investments. Before it all felt kind of pointless. Now I feel so much better and I’m enjoying learning more about personal finance.

I’ve set up different savings accounts to pay for things that I will need in the future, but didn’t realize that there was a name for them until recently. They’re called sinking funds. I have them set up, so that every week, money is automatically pulled from my main checking account and funneled into these different savings accounts.

One of the sinking funds that I’ve set up is for dental expenses. I don’t have dental insurance, so I pay for everything out of pocket. It really gets pricey, but it’s predictable. I don’t want to charge these expenses and end up paying interest on them. Which is what I was doing before. Not a good move.

For the longest time, I have been putting off getting a crown. I finally had it done! Since I had been saving for it, I was able to charge it, then pay it off right away. I got the points, but no interest! Since teeth cleanings and x-rays are predictable expenses, there’s no good reason not to prepare for them in advance.

6:00 AM

This week is going to be a busy one and the weather is going to be nice. It’s easier for me to get up early when it’s sunny and warm. So this seems like a good week to try getting up every day at 6am. I usually get up around 7:30am, so this is much earlier for me. It’s another lifestyle experiment, so I’ll see how it goes.

Hope you have a good week!

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