Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room

Dumpling Roomm Smart CarYou never know when you’re going to find food blog inspiration. While I was driving yesterday, I noticed this smart car driving in front of me. It’s one of very few times that I hoped for a red light, so I could take a picture of the car. I was intrigued. Dumpling Room? Were dumplings being delivered? Where was this place? An investigation was needed.

As you may know, my curiosity often gets the best of me. So I looked up the website and found that Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room is in Central Square. You can order online and they deliver in the Cambridge area. But sadly not in Quincy. I called to confirm. The car belongs to a family member of the owner who lives here.

The Dumpling Room looks like a really cool place, that I would like to check out at some point. They cater and have a Dumpling School. But it’s not a school, it’s a party!

You can get together with friends, family, colleagues or any group and have fun learning to make dumplings! Looks like a good time!

Has anyone been there? Or tried their dumplings?

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    • Mike – Thanks for stopping by! That is a lot for water. I’d probably try one of the teas myself. The vegan dumpling does look good. I also just noticed the desserts! Yum!

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