Hey Boston! Time To Shop Farmers Markets!

Green bush with small white flowers, like flowers you can buy fresh at farmers markets.

Hope you’re enjoying the start to the Memorial Day weekend! Since this is the unofficial start to summer, it’s time to start thinking about summery things.

For those of us in New England, we don’t have year-round outdoor markets like those of you in different parts of the country. For us, it’s a real treat when we can start shopping outdoors for fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and other locally grown and made items.

Some area farmers markets have already opened. Copley Square’s Farmers Market, which is closest to where I’m working now, opened on May 12th and will be open until November 21st.

Take a look at the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets website to find a farmers market near you and for the opening date. It doesn’t seem to be fully updated yet, but keep checking back.